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Freedom and Representative Government are not free!

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on March 9, 2007

Freedom is NOT free.  It comes at a price.  Sometimes that price means offering your life in military service to protect those freedoms.  However, the one thing that every American should feel OBLIGATED to do is to KNOW their representatives in Government.  If it is OUR Government shouldn’t WE know what they are doing?

So many of us play this helpless “I’m only one vote.  What can I do?” game and just give up.  What happens in a ball game when there are not enough players on one team to play?  The team that shows up wins by DEFAULT!  We have allowed the bad guys to win by giving up.

We have seen what happens when the voters DON’T hold their representatives responsible for their votes.  Was it worth holding the majority for the GOP to abandon its prinicples of smaller Government, lower taxes and greater personal freedoms?  Eventually, people got fed up with that crap and voted them out OR sat out the election and let
the other guys win.

WE decide what kind of court system we’re going to have by electing the President and Senators that we do.  WE affect Government spending by electing the President and Congressmen that we do. WE affect EVERY aspect of Government from city dogcatcher to President of the United States.  EVERY major institution in America is on the verge of collapse and ridden with waste and corruption because WE have allowed it to happen.  WE don’t hold anybody accountable for ANYTHING.  We don’t even complain to the store manager when a clerk treats us like crap or sue the doctor for committing malpractice or the insurance company for not paying a just claim.

America WAS great when Americans CARED enough to act.  Because we don’t act, the bad guys KNOW we don’t care and that they can empty the vaults while we watch American Idol or Lost.  We MUST get over making or letting someone else be responsible for OUR Government.  WE must act now! Raise Hell with you Congressman, Senator, Mayor, Councilman or Commissioner.  Vote in EVERY election.  But NOT if all you know is their party affiliation.  What a waste of a freedom and a right that so few have!


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