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Rockie’s Story: Why I Am a Chiropractor

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on March 11, 2007

If my chiropractic story were all I had to tell you, I probably wouldn’t be a chiropractor today.  Instead, I’d probably be just another satisfied customer who gets adjusted regularly.  I injured my back lifting weights for high school football and suffered for 20 years.  Eventually, the pain got so bad that I was even willing to consider surgery or chiropractic.  At the time, both options were equally as scary to me.  Then, I met a chiropractor and started getting adjusted.  The results were incredible and I’ve been without a back problem ever since. In fact, I’ve not taken even an aspirin for over 17 years.

However, I’m a chiropractor today because of a little girl named Rockie.  I first met Rockie when she was eight years old.  At that time, Rockie was having 15-20 grand mal seizures EVERY day and taking over a dozen different prescription drugs for the seizures, ADD/ADHD, emotional and a host of other problems.  In fact, Rockie’s problems had been so bad that her doctors had recommended that she be institutionalized so her mom could live a normal life without being burdened by a child like hers.  You see, the doctors said that Rockie would never be like normal kids, unable to get along in social settings or do routine physical tasks, even ride a bicycle. Needless to say, Rockie’s mom said “No!” to that advice declaring that her little girl was a gift from God and responsibility that she would willingly face.

Rockie’s first visit to the chiropractor was with her babysitter’s family.  The babysitter made weekly visits to their chiropractor for wellness adjustments.  Seemingly unable (or unwilling) to cope with another doctor, Rockie would literally curl up in a corner and watch as all her young friends would get adjusted.  One day, the chiropractor got a call from Rockie’s mom saying that Rockie wanted to get adjusted and how or why would anyone adjust a child, anyway?  Her little girl didn’t have any back pain.  Rockie’s mom was told simply that adjustments help take stress off the nervous system and that stress on the nervous system can have adverse effects on the body and how it expresses health.  During the case history, her mom revealed that Rockie had an extremely difficult delivery at birth and had had problems from the beginning.

Over the years, Rockie’s condition steadily improved.  Eventually, she ended up in the National Honor Society, on her high school basketball team and joining a local archery club.   The long and short of the story is that Rockie has just finished college after receiving a full academic and is on her way to an advanced degree.  Not only can Rockie ride a bicycle, she drove back and forth between Marietta, GA and Columbia, SC every week for four years. She also competes internationally in archery at the championship level.  Not only has Rockie overcome incredible odds, she no longer has seizures and takes no more prescription drugs.  No. Rockie is not like normal kids, she’s incredible!

When asked what chiropractic did for Rockie, her mom says that more than relief from the seizures, learning disabilities and other diagnoses, the chiropractor was the FIRST and ONLY doctor who offered even a sliver of HOPE for her little girl. After knowing Rockie for several years and having watched her progress, I heard a story of another little girl suffering from seizures. Sadly, this little girl ended up having a hemispherctomy (an experimental procedure where HALF of the brain is removed) to relieve her symptoms. The parents were told that a chiropractor should not adjust their daughter.  At the time, my first child was only 15 months old.  Imagining that happening to my child broke my heart.

Knowing what potential is designed and available for every living person, I decided that I would dedicate my life to letting people know there is always hope of improving their health and their life.  Every day I awaken, I give thanks that I met Rockie and the difference she has made in so many lives.

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