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Posted by Marietta chiropractor on November 22, 2007

In all things, Give Thanks!

We have no control over what happens to us in life and business. We
DO, however, have control over our response. One of the major laws of
physics says that for every action there’s an opposite and equal
action. See the possibilities before you and KNOW that there is some
good that CAN come from every event in your life. As quaint and trite
as it may seem, the saying still holds “You can’t have the flowers
without the rain”.

Embrace your life and all the goodness before you. You NEVER know what
possibilities await you!

Dr. Tim


One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Theresa said

    I give thanks to our creator each and everyday for we are able to find joy in small things no matter what difficulties may arise. Everytime I see flowers, birds, trees, a human embrace, someone smiling and or a bright new day, I get reminded of the miracle that is life. We all wish for great things in our lives and by taking action and small steps we will slowly but surely reach our destinations. Together and with our individual efforts we can make a better world.

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