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Funny thing about chiropractors

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on January 30, 2008

I’ve been a chiropractor for eight years, now, and involved in the chiropractic business for another ten.  Over those years, I’ve been both amused and frustrated at the schizophrenic nature of my profession.

You see, there are essentially two distinctly different types of chiropractors.  We’ll call them mechanists and vitalists.

Mechanists generally consider themselves a drug-free, non-surgical alternative to the practice of medicine.  These folks generally focus on back pain, headaches and other neuromuscular conditions.  They also tend to rely heavily on third party payment like health insurance, workers’ compensation and personal injury settlements
The other end of the chiropractic spectrum are the vitalists who work from the premise that you were designed to be healthy and their job is to remove a significant source of interference in how your body works.  The folks typically accept almost anyone seeking care regardless of their physical condition.  While many of these doctors do accept insurance, they usually offer longer term wellness plans that reflect that emphasis in their approach.

My frustration (and amusement) with these factions is that both end up doing to some extent what the other intends to do yet has nothing but contempt for each other.  The mechanist (unintentionally) improves whole body function as he/she treats a specific condition while the vitalist improves neuromuscular conditions as he/she helps improve whole body function.

I’m a vitalistic chiropractor.  I fully embrace the fact that you were designed to be healthy and that by removing a source of stress on your nervous system.  Yet, I am delighted when someone comes to me with a a NMS condition.   It simply means that I’ve been able to help someone live life a little more fully.  Yet, I appreciate (somewhat) my mechanistic counterparts.  They, too, help many people deal with specific problems.  But, I just wish they would be open to wholeness of chiropractic for themselves and their clients.


One Response to “Funny thing about chiropractors”

  1. schierling said

    I have been using Chiropractic for years and have had many positive experiences and always consider it first when I have any kind of issues. I am originally from Canada and chiropractic seems much more main-stream than it does in Texas, but regardless of how you see your profession, it really helps a lot of people.

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