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Time for a change

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 5, 2008

It seems like the theme of this election cycle is “Change”.  Obviously, we’ll have a change in Administrations since George W. Bush can’t run again.

The Democrats offer a new face in Barack Obama.  Unfortunately, the policies he supports are the same policies we’ve heard from the Democrats for decades.  And, we’ve had 16 years to get to know Hillary Clinton.  She still has a problem exciting the general electorate.

But, the Republicans offer little to excite their voter, either.  The press’ favorite Republican, John McCain, is stale and offers no vision, whatsoever.  While I like Mike Huckabee and his support of The Fair Tax, his experience as Arkansas Governor leads me to think he might be either another George Bush or, worse, Jimmy Carter.  From a business owner’s perspective, Mitt Romney is pretty appealing.  But, his gubernatorial experience makes me wonder if he’s too pliable on Conservative issues.  The only consistent Republican is Ron Paul.  Even though he’s the guy I support, I don’t think he’ll be around in November.

All I see is finger-pointing, CYA politics and endless excusing of one’s past.  While we (the electorate) yearn for change, it doesn’t appear to be happening this cycle.

In many ways, it’s like the whole health care crisis.  The source of most of the problems with our health care system are caused by the drug cartel (Pharma), the health insurance industry and government involvement in the process.  Unfortunately, most of the proposals regarding the fix for healthcare involve more drugs, more insurance and more government.  The REAL solution to America’s problems on so many fronts is LESS government.  When Government gets out of the way and lets people make (and be more responsible for)  their own decisions, solutions will almost automatically reveal themselves.

Whether in your health, business or political life the only way things will change is for YOU to change.  Take charge of your life and your decisions and don’t defer the important decisions to ANY politician or Government program.


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