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Fighting for the last breath…and the next.

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 8, 2008

A friend was talking with me about a relative on life support.  As we spoke, vivid memories of my own mother’s passing flooded my consciousness.

At the time, it was the worst thing I had ever experienced partly because I was the oldest sibling and ended up having to make the decision to take her off life support.  I can see it now as if I were right there in the moment all over again.  And, that’s been 30 years now.  If you’ve ever watched someone take their last breath, it’s something you’ll never forget.  She was unconscious, but she took the deepest breath I’d ever seen.  Held it for a moment.  Then, released it like a balloon with a small hole.  Eerie.

It wasn’t until I became a chiropractor that I realized that her body was fighting for ever single breath it could get.  Not as much trying to simply hold on.  No, it was fighting to live!  Even to the very end, my mother’s body was fighting for her to LIVE, not just to not die.

Once I realized that all living things are designed to function at their maximum potential at evry moment (EVEN at the cellular level) I began to see life and health in a very different way than before.  Knowing that our bodies literally strive for its best at every moment forces you to look at your own life and what you do in a much bigger way, too.

What would our lives, our community, our country, even the World be like if everyone strove to their highest potential instead of trying not to fail or concerning themselves with what someone else was doing?  How would your health be different if you simply focused on being the healthiest you you could be rather than simply avoiding disease or literally planning for it?  How great and healthy could you be if you invested more in good nutrition, a health club membership, a reasonable investment program, meaningful relationship and a strong mental, emotional and spiritual life?  I know too many people who spend all their money on insurance in the event the worst happens instead of planning for and investing in the best that can happen.

If I could urge you to do one thing, it would be to want the very best out of life.  Then, do everything in your power to achieve it.


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