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Taxation Without Representation

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 11, 2008


I like SPLOST as a means for public funding of special projects. One of the best features of SPLOST measures is that it is a voluntary tax imposed by the voters on themselves. The challenge for Government is to make a strong enough case for the projects in question and to follow through on their commitment to the voters.

It is NEVER beneficial for ANY community to reject a bond referendum or SPLOST measure. The inherent challenge for Government is that it is willing to do the work to justify voters’ confidence and earn the chance to pass future measures.

That the Cobb County School Board is EVEN considering holding a Special Election in September for its SPLOST measure is an indication that they are either uncertain that it will pass in the General Election or unwilling to do the work to ensure its passage. Either way, the school board is telling us that they really only want supporters of the measure to vote to raise taxes on all Cobb Countians.

The Cobb County School Board should immediately vanquish ANY thought of holding a costly Special Election and allow ALL registered voters to decide the fate of the SPLOST measure. THEN school board members and administration should do what is necessary to earn voter’s trust and consideration in November.

To do otherwise will further diminish the Board’s credibility and effectiveness. It will also hurt any future tax measure worthy of voters’ consideration. Let’s do the right thing.


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