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Flu shot: 8 reasons why I don’t get it

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 15, 2008

I don’t believe flu shots work.   Here’s why:

  • If they work…why do some people who get the shot still get the flu?
  • If they’re only 50% effective, why get the dang shot, anyway?
  • I don’t know what’s in that vile
  • Where’s the proof that they REALLY work?
  • EVEN if the flu shot worked, the little flu virus adapts quicker than the appropriate vaccine can be developed.
  • Did you know that many MDs that recommend the flu shot DON’T get them.
  • Anecdotally, the last flu shot I got was forced on me by Uncle Sam before I left the Air Force 33 years ago.  I’ve had the flu ONCE.
  • Isn’t it funny how flu season ALWAYS comes AFTER the flu shots are given out?

8 Responses to “Flu shot: 8 reasons why I don’t get it”

  1. Mooserx said

    Yes, the flu shot was only effective in 40-50% of cases this year, but usually the FDA gets it right more often in the past. Most years it is between 80-90% effective. And, it has been shown, especially in elderly, that deaths from the flu are greatly decreased in a flu shot, even if the strain was different than one in the shot. The vile only contains dead influenza virus. You cannot get the flu from the flu shot. There’s is plenty of proof that the shot works, and yes, mostly in the extreme ages get the best results. Vaccine development does need to be improved, and research is trying, but that shouldn’t keep you from getting the shot. Many MDs do get the shot, but I understand why you wouldn’t, because if people have the flu they aren’t going to see a chiropractor, they’ll stay home. You’ve only had the flu once because you are probably a healthy, non-elderly man with a good immune system.
    And I think your last comment doesn’t need a response, however, the flu shot does take 2 weeks to work, so why give the flu shot during an outbreak? Why not be prepared?

  2. Last year the flu shot was even less effective than this year. It’s really a crap shoot-where the CDC determines the flu strains most likely to spread.

    You can choose to put anything in your body that you want to-but don’t mandate it on me or my kids.

    Just as I choose to eat healthy, organic foods(for the most part)I also choose not to put any chemicals in my body either. Mooserx says that the flu shot vial only contains dead influenza virus-thats not true- the suspension liquid contains many chemicals (including mercuryand aluminum)that i choose not to put in my body.

    As a matter of fact, I haven’t been sick in over 4 years-Mooserx, how many times have you been sick?

  3. Dr. Mark said

    Only 40-50% effective? 80-90% effective? who comes up with these numbers? Where is their science?. It’s BS. They don’t have any science to make those claims. If the pharm. manufacturer picks 3 strains from last years viruses to protect against this years (that’s what they do) and there are supposedly well over a 100 flu strains each year – Even if vaccination worked in principle (not proven by science) and if the 3 strains they guessed at happened to be around the next year than the vaccine would be at best 3% effective. Realistically it’s probably 0%.
    The fact of the matter is that the vaccination establishment/goverment/medical community is nearly 100% effective at misleading, deceiving and scaring the unfortunate public, the majority of which follow like lemmings off the cliff.
    You’ll never catch me or most of the Drs. I know and respect getting the flu shot.
    Dr. Mark.

  4. You guys need to do some research.

    How they choose vaccine strains, for example, is well publicised and would take zero effort if you were interested to find out. They analyse strains circulating in Asia and Australia in June and July. This usually gives an accurate picture of the epidemic strains to come in the Northern Hemisphere for the year.

    Last year, not so much. It’s not a crystal ball.

    I get my yearly jab, more to protect my niece (who has severe asthma) and my elderly patients in the nursing home. I am young and healthy, and if I get flu, I will likely be fine. If you really don’t get your shot, you clearly don’t care very much about who you expose.

    Nice to know.

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  6. Steven Carlson said

    A bunch of morons here—hope you die of the flu and stop wasting space on earth for the rest of us.

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