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Lipitor, Alzheimers & MS: The dangers of symptom management

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 15, 2008

OK. So, now we find that Lipitor (used to reduced cholesterol) can cause forgetfulness when used on a regular basis. In fact, I saw a short story on Good Morning America about a woman who was exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, it was so bad that she was no longer allowed to keep her grandkids. Eight days after taking herself off Lipitor, she was back to normal.

Also in the news this week are stories of a link between statin drugs (like Lipitor, Zocor, etc.) and multiple sclerosis, or MS. Your body creates cholesterol naturally and for many good reasons, including myelination (or insulation) of nerve tissue. One of the indicators of MS is de-myelination of nerve tissues. Do drugs that cause your body to do its normal job of producing cholesterol, thus causing symptoms of supposedly unrelated diseases? You decide.

The point is this. Chasing symptoms as a means of preventing future calamity is a limited, shortsighted and apparently dangerous approach to health. I prefer building health with nutrition, exercise, water, rest, peace of mind and a good nerve supply. By taking a wellness approach, you eliminate many sources of potential harm while better preparing your body for the challenges life throws your way.

Inspiration is a much better way to live than desperation.


8 Responses to “Lipitor, Alzheimers & MS: The dangers of symptom management”

  1. Hi,
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  2. Pamela SP said

    Went to see the Neurologist at the Memory Clinic in Cambridge yesterday with my hubby. We filled the questionnaires in 5 weeks ago when I was still on Statins – so he was about to condemn me to a life of dementia.

    To say he was flummoxed was putting it mildly.First of all he tried to tell me that I had Carpal Tunnel in both hands and that I should have the steroid injections – as recommended by the neurophysiologist a few weeks ago. Hubby pipes up ‘Well how come she has it in her feet too’? Round one to us.

    Next he says that my symptoms are incredibly vague and diverse. I then handed him the ‘Stopped My Stains Questionnaire’ with every box ticked except Impotence + another 20 or so extra symptoms added by myself that I have suffered. Well he just didn’t know what to say. Mumbles that he had heard about a minority of people who have had SLIGHT MUSCLE DAMAGE from statins – but never memory loss! Well I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – this was one of the most senior consultants in Neurology in the UK who doesn’t believe/know that statins cause memory loss!

    In his summing up he stated that my symptoms were very real to me, but were unsubstantiated medically. And that’s when I hit him with the big one – prolapsed bowel/bladder – he couldn’t get us out of his office fast enough when I requested a MUSCLE BIOPSY – with him saying that 5 weeks down the line would be to late to prove anything. So that’s how it is in the UK – thought I’d share that with you all.Pamela SP

    • Marjatta Lavin said

      Dear Pamela, Your story does not surprice me. This happens atleast here in the U.S. because mostof the medical research hospitals are funded by the pharmaceuticals and the doctors are educated by the same people.
      Instead calling doctors medical doctors, we should call them pharmaceutical doctors. Because that is all they can do.
      Lipitor has crippled my husband. 7 years 40g. We victims need to band together worldwide to stop this abuse.

      • drtim said

        I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. We try to show folks a better way. Manipulating the body’s natural functions is dangerous…as you have learned. Best wishes for the future.

  3. Data from the study, the largest of its kind, contradicts some previous studies that found that ibuprofen might exceed others in its class when it comes to preventing this type of dementia. Besides ibuprofen, other types of NSAIDs include naproxen and aspirin.

    But the bottom line, the study authors said, is that the findings don’t support the use of NSAIDs to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s, at least not yet anyway.

  4. Pamela SP said

    A brilliant article above that gives you all the fact on Statins

  5. Susan said

    I cannot agree with you more! The drug companies are hiding the fact that statins can cause the onset of Alzheimer’s. My father took Lipitor for an elevated cholesterol for years, but when his MD retired his new physician double his dose of Lipitor (still within the pharmaceutical company dosage guidelines) and he shortly developed early signs of dimentia. He was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease that progressively worsened. His Neurologist confirmed that the increased dose of Lipitor caused my father’s Alzheimer’s.

  6. supplements for better memory…

    […]Lipitor, Alzheimers & MS: The dangers of symptom management « A Different Way[…]…

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