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Your Health Records on Google?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 21, 2008

Ever wonder what happens to your medical records?  That’s alright.  Most people never give it a thought.  They don’t know about the Medical Information Bureau, an information clearinghouse similar to credit reporting agencies.  Information in your insurance dosier can be used to qualify (or disqualify) you for insurance coverage or employment at some time in the future.  With the Federal Trade Commission reporting that credit bureau information is wrong 40% of the time, how could that affect you in a critical job search or insurance application?

Now we  see that Google is considering storing health records in its massive database.   While I’m a Google fan, this is distressing information to anyone serious about privacy rights.  You know, it’s amazing what you can find on Google.  But what’s even more amazing is just how much information Google has available on each of us.  Imagine the marketing power that gives a company like Google.

One of the reasons that I’ve converted to a cash practice is that I’m concerned about your privacy.  My relationship to the people who come to me is a matter of confidentiality between them and me.  It should not be available for developing a database that can be used for hyper-focused marketers.

If I could encourage you to do one thing it would be to check out www.privacyrights.org and be aware of what’s happening with your personal credit and health data.

Here’s the link to the story “Google to store patient’s health records”.

If you’re interested in a chiropractor who protects your privacy, check out my web site.


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