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Is MORE insurance REALLY the answer?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 22, 2008

During this political season, there’s a great deal of talk about the healthcare crisis in America. One of the area of concern seems to be the “47 million” Americans without health insurance. It seems like the political response these days is to make sure every American has health insurance EVEN if the Government has to penalize you for NOT having it.

Is forcing people to buy insurance they may not want (or need) really the answer? I don’t think so. Why should a young person who is healthy and who does the things to stay healthy be compelled to buy insurance when he/she might have other priorities? And, isn’t it THEIR right to decide how to spend or invest their own money?

As a health care provider, I really have to ask the question, “What (if any) is the link between insurance and health, anyway?” From what I see from this side of things, many Americans only go to a doctor BECAUSE they have insurance OR a health crisis. And is it just me, but when was the last time an insurance company paid for things that keep you healthy?

When was the last time you heard of a “health insurance” policy that paid for your health club membership, weight loss or nutrition classes, smoking cessation programs or even a licensed wellness practitioner? Yet, most insurance companies will pay for disease care AFTER you’ve already lost your health. Where the heck is the logic?

If it were REALLY “Health” insurance, wouldn’t it pay to keep you OUT of the hospital? As much as we tout ours as the “World’s Best Healthcare System”, isn’t it ironic that by most measures ours is one of the worst in the industrialized world? Maybe it’s time we started focusing on HEALTH in America and NOT so much on disease detection and management. Detection and management of disease is far different than wellness OR prevention.

Finally, do you REALLY trust your health to the same people who run Social Security, Medicare or the Katrina relief effort. This is NOT an indictment of any Presidential administration. It’s an indictment on the effectiveness of our Government to run your personal life. If the Government can’t do the things IT thinks it should, how do you think it will manage YOUR health?

Remember, it’s YOUR health and YOUR life! Don’t wait for Uncle Sam to save you. Do what it takes to stay healthy: eat better, exercise more, sleep restfully, watch your thoughts, poison yourself less and find a good wellness chiropractor.


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