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My Ideal Chiropractic Practice

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 25, 2008

Sometimes, it’s good to sit down and specify exactly what it is you want.  And, it’s also good to let the world know what you want, as well.  So, I’m doing just that.

My ideal chiropractic practice is one where I see 300-500 people every week.  Some of those come as infrequently as once a month and some as often as once a week.  A few of them might be there because they are seeking relief of some physical ailment.  But, most come because they have resolved a problem by getting adjusted and simply because they feel so good and want to keep it that way.  Many of the folks that come are athletes that want to perform better in their chosen sport.

Because most of the folks that come no longer suffer from symptoms, insurance is not a factor.  They pay a monthly fee (similar to a health club) or pay a reasonable cash fee per visit.  There’s little paperwork and virtually no hassle.  Everybody knows that our goal is simply locate and correct a significant source of stress on their nervous system and that physical therapy is not necessary to do that.  Their visits are short and allows them to get on with their day.

Not only do Practice Members come on a regular basis, they bring their friends and family so they can enjoy the benefits of simple, yet powerful, chiropractic care.  No one has to be coaxed, cajoled or coerced into care.  They’re there by their own choosing and enjoy weaning themselves off a health care system that is based on fear, sickness and death avoidance.  My Practice members are fully alive and fully engaged in their lives.  I know about their families and their lives and they ask about mine.  We’re as much friends as we are doctor and patient.

In short, my ideal practice is full of happy, healthy people who regularly refer their friends and family.  Reasonable cash payments provide plenty of income for me and my family without having to deal with burdensome paperwork and third party reimbursement.   The practice is based on the principles of Dynamic Essential:  Giving, loving and serving out of abundance.

If you know someone who wants to be a part of this kind of healing experience, please send them my way.


5 Responses to “My Ideal Chiropractic Practice”

  1. Ken Bolt said

    I have been a patient of Dr. Tim now for about three years, getting adjusted about once a week at my place of employment. During that time, Dr. Tim has adjusted everyone in my family several times, often foregoing any payment for the kids.

    The care is excellent and I feel great! I would recommend Dr. Tim to anyone who values their health. He’s also a great friend!

  2. Debra Sussman said

    I found it to be very comprehensive and it targets the type of people you are looking for. You were able to successfully explain how your practice is unique and how and why it would be beneficial to use your services.
    Good job……Debra

  3. Sue C. Barber said

    Feb. 25, 2008
    Dr. Tim has been keeping me up and running now for almost 2 years. Having arthritis and a physically demanding job, I need him just about weekly. I always feel rejuvinated every time I go to his office. I am in and out quickly which really suits my busy work schedule.

  4. Pete said

    Dr Tim is the best. He kept us healthy and adjusted for almost a yearand half. Our schedules got kinda crazy and we got off track. But I highly recommend anyone to try Dr Tim. He’s has the servant heart and cares for people. Prevention is the key and that’s what Dr. Tim is all about.


  5. Dr. Tim Langley:

    I am a Christian author. I am writing my sixth book – Showing Up For Your Own Life; Twenty-Four Pearls to Live By, and would like to seek your permission to use a quote of yours I found regarding kids toting twenty pound book satchels. You say it’s like strapping a bowling ball to a young pine sapling. I make the analogy to spiritual impartation i.e., as the tree is bent, so grows our lives. If you would like to read the chapter where I use the quote before giving your approval, I will send it to you. The very best of all things. John Michael Grogan

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