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America is good AND great!

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on May 7, 2008

I was talking with a friend the other day about the state of the economy, gas prices, international competition, the dollar and a few other things.  His despair was apparent.

But honestly, I am NOT discouraged.  America has been though much worse.  Certainly, the dollar sucks right now.  BUT, with all the other currencies so high compared to the dollar, it will make our goods a cheaper alternative to what many other countries are buying.  I also believe the spot price of oil is irrationally high.  Certainly, OPEC is enjoying this.  BUT when reality strikes, I think you’ll see the price of oil plummet causing panic among oil speculators.

The trade imbalance will (as it always has) correct itself.  Remember when the Japanese were buying up everything back in the ’80s?  That came to a screeching halt.  Same will happen with China and India.

The fact that Obama is going to get elected and the current crop of phony Republicans is about to get their clocks cleaned, will clear the way for a fresh new approach to the country’s problems.

I see a silver lining around the looming recession, war, etc.  The World is emulating America from China and India to France and all of Europe.  Our star is rising despite Bush, McCain and Obama.

Better days are on their way!

Dr. T!m

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