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Celebrate Independence Day… because America IS Good and Great

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 2, 2008

Another Fourth of July approaches as our country is embroiled in another conflict. Regardless of what you think about the War on Terrorism or the war in Iraq/Afghanistan, it IS important that we reflect on the goodness and the greatness of the United States of America.

I know America bashing has been a popular sport since long before I came along. But, my frame of reference starts in my high school days during the height of Vietnam.  I remember many of the same protests we hear today about America being an imperialist power, about how we destroy the environment and how we oppress our own people. And, I wonder, “Has nothing changed? Are we no better than we were then OR were we ever really as bad as that?”

Certainly, ours is not a Utopian society where no one suffers and everyone wins all the time. I don’t think such a place exists on Earth… or ever could. But, I do think the United States is as close as mankind has ever come to creating anything close to a self-sustaining society that exemplifies freedom, opportunity and goodness to both the World and to its own citizens.

While many predict the destruction of America and its ideals, I predict just the opposite. Some view America as the land of greed; corruption; racism; hostility toward the environment, human rights and the poor, and war-mongering imperialism. Folks on the other end of the spectrum warn of pending doom because of moral decay, our bloated and ineffective government, pacifism, the ACLU and an over-reaching judiciary. Unfortunately, both sides see the solutions to THEIR perceived problems with America as more Government involvement in people’s personal and business lives.

America is a good and noble nation. With few exceptions, we’ve always been a good world citizen. Whenever tragedy strikes, the World looks to America and America responds. If a crisis (real or perceived) exists, the World looks to America to provide scientists, workers, military or financial support and America responds. Whether it’s the United nations, the World Bank or a host of other international agencies, the majority of their funding is provided by the United States. America is a good world neighbor and a good country.  America is good.

America is great. Peoples from all over the world risk life, limb and wealth to get themselves and their families to America. They know that if they can just get to America, they have a chance to build a life free of fear, disease and tyranny.  Our country was formed on the premise that “all men (Mankind) were created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. From our Declaration of Independence that set the American Ideal to our Constitution that limits the power of Government and was (and IS) prejudiced in favor of individual freedom and responsibility, everything about America says “You can!”

In America, can you speak out against your Government and political leaders without fear of retribution. In America, you can worship (or not) as you please. In America, you can start as a poor child raised in Government housing or as an immigrant farm worker to become a millionaire in your own business. In America, you can dream. You can be as great as your imagination will allow you to be or as sorry and lazy as you want to be. In America, opportunity flourishes because innovation rarely waits on the Government. In America, you can get rich from a good idea or by developing your skills, knowledge and talent. In America, you can determine your own future. Despite our flaws,mistakes and blemishes, America is a great country.  Simply put, America is great.

During this Independence Day weekend, please take a moment to reflect on America’s greatness. think about it in terms that reflect and affect your own life, those around you and the World as a whole. Strive to be the best you can be and to live up to the greatness our Founding Fathers saw in YOU and in YOUR country.


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