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I’m not an insurance fan, but…

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 11, 2008

… it has it’s place.

Being a heath care provider, I used to have this love-hate relationship with insurance.  You know, it’s one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t things.  It seems you can’t afford to be without insurance.  But, you can’t afford to buy it, either.  Small business owners and those in life transitions seem disproportionately affected.  So in many cases, folks just don’t buy it.

Well, there’s a time and place for everything.  Health insurance is NOT about health.  In fact, I think it often creates more health problems than it either prevents or corrects.  Insurance really is designed to protect you from catastrophic and unforeseen events that could cause you irreparable financial harm if you’re not prepared for it.  In fact, most bankruptcies in America are caused by either a health problem or a legal problem.

Health insurance costs could be reduced dramatically if folks would simply understand that their health is THEIR responsibility.  Lose weight, exercise, eat better, drink water, work on your spiritual life, do more with your family, find effective ways of reducing (or managing) the stress in your life and, of course, find a good wellness chiropractor.

Here’s the point.  A good friend of mine had a massive heart attack at his gym on July 4th.  Fortunately, the General Manager of the LA Fitness where he worked out, knew CPR and how to use the emergency defibrillator.  My friend is still alive, but in a coma in the local hospital.  There’s not yet a prognosis.  Regardless of what the prognosis turns out to be, the medical costs are going to be astronomical.  Because my friend was between jobs (and had been for some time) he was without insurance.  If he recovers physically, he might never do so financially.

So, find a way to get even a ca strophic hospitalization policy to protect yourself and your family financially should something unexpected happen to you.  While not a fan of insurance, I do understand that it protects you from extremes.  You can keep the costs to a minimum if you just cover the extremes.  But by all means, cover at least that.

Stay healthy.  Say “I love you” to those you love.  And NEVER take life for granted.


One Response to “I’m not an insurance fan, but…”

  1. daniel said

    Thank you for sharing this Tim. I hope your friend is recovering with godspeed. As a chiropractor i share alot of your voiced ideas about the insurance companies involvment in health care. There are many many layers to this insurance matter.
    I would be interested in hearing more of your thoughts.

    Getting insurance to prepare for the “extremes”, as you have put it, I agree, is a good move.
    However, the current popular culture around health “care” that we struggle to shift as chiropractors is largly manipulated by the insurance paradigm, and still has a strangling strong hold among most health related areas. I believe our mandate in this chiropractic profession within this place and this time is to educate in our practices 80% of our time ….this is to offset the small 20% of the whole population who currently receives chiropractic. (i maybe off a little with the 20% figure)

    The idea I have hear is …How do we ever get that 80% into true chiropractic consciousness if we keep accepting insurance claims to dictate our services?
    On the same token..how can we get the opportunity to educate the 80% if we dont accept insurance, while OVER 80% in america rely on there insurance health care plans to tell them where they can “become healthy”?…whatever!,…right?
    I know it only takes a little consciousness to go a long way….(have you ever read the book “the tipping point”?)
    but these #’s and ratios i still find slightly disturbing

    i now continue to believe there is little place for insurance within an education centered, principled chiropractic practice fee system…especially if chiropractic is to lead as a principled health care provider into a new culture of empowered people.
    i would like to share with you part of a post from another friend of mine on:
    funny….maybe partly true

    “Of course Chiropractors are not real doctors…..Real doctors Kill people….So lets not even be upset that we are not considered REAL…I say lets focus on not getting sucked in to this crazy desire to be a Real doctor….Look what happened to the Osteopaths… Ask one who just graduated if they elected to take the one manual manipulation class that was offered them at there school. SAD:( DON’T ALLOW THIS AMAZING PROFESSION GET ABSORBED IN TO THE MEDICAL PARADIGM. We are in such a great position now to shift the worlds concept of well care verses sick care and it has to start with our complete and utter commitment to our core belief system as a whole profession. We know what and who we are….This nations last hope for true health and healing.”

    thats my ramble…..

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