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Evolution of a Chiropractor

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 16, 2008

When I fist discovered chiropractic, it was due to a bad back that had tormented me for 20 years.  Since then, I haven’t had even an aspirin for back pain.

When I decided to become a chiropractor, it was because of a young girl whose life and miserable prognosis were literally transformed because of chiropractic care.  A little girl whose mom was told that her child should be institutionalized because she’d “never be like normal kids” is graduating from graduate school after receiving full academic scholarships for both undergrad and graduate school.  Indeed, she’s not like normal kids.  She’s incredibly superlative.

After graduating chiropractic school (Life University in Marietta, Georgia) I practiced exclusively as an upper cervical chiropractor.  I had great disdain for chiropractors that mixed things (physical therapy, etc.) other than chiropractic into their practice.  I was a “medical basher” because of the havoc I had seen wrought in people’s lives by virtue of medical errors and arrogance.

It’s funny how time, experience and awareness tend to take the edge off subjectivity.  Does that mean that I think physical therapy is any more beneficial to the chiropractic patient, that upper cervical care is no longer the best approach or that the practice of medicine is no longer dangerous?  Of course not!

All of those things are STILL true.  However, that is only MY perspective.  I’ve come to realize that the determination of what care an individual gets SHOULD be THAT individual.  AND that individual deserves as much accurate information as he/she can get.  It is my job as a chiropractor to communicate BETTER that chiropractic care can help people live better, fuller lives less dependent on dangerous drugs.  It’s even more important that I do those things over which I have some control, those being communication of MY message and giving the very best adjustments I can while educating folks on the power they have to control their health, their happiness and the conduct of their own lives.

I’ve come to realize that you CAN see your medical doctor and me at the same time.  Getting adjusted has nothing to do with what your MD might recommend.  When I accepted the premise that I can help you regardless of what condition you may have or what kind of insurance coverage you might (or might not) have, practice became simpler and easier.


2 Responses to “Evolution of a Chiropractor”

  1. ellathinks said

    You have a good perspective in life. Because of that 3experience you decided to become a chiropractor. Being a chiropractor is a good job as well as you can help with other people.People with this kind of disease need to render proper care. Keep up the good work in helping the others.

  2. drtim said

    Thanks so much for the feedback. Come back often.

    Dr. T!m

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