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Live Inspired

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 20, 2008

One of the problems I have with the health care business is that it seems to be based more on fear than on health.  Most folks never give a thought about health UNTIL it appears to be doing away.  Well,  they DO think about “health insurance” out of fear they won’t have the money to fix a problem if (I mean when) it comes up.

Truth is, you were designed to be healthy, strong and whole.  Health is your body’s default mode.  sickness disease and infirmity happen only after your body has been worn down due to bad lifestyle choices, chronic stress and prolonged exposure to toxins.

But, the comparison of fighting disease and building health is like the athletic team whose focus is on not losing instead of winning.  The team whose focus is on wining scores as many points as it can while giving the opposing teams less time to score.  The team whose focus is on NOT losing can slip up allowing their opponents to gain the advantage and take the game away.  How can you possibly build health if your focus is on preventing cancer, heart disease, diabetes or whatever?

Instead, try living an inspired life.  Do those things that build health.  Find an exercise program that you can enjoy and will do regularly and from now on.  Educate yourself on healthy nutrition.    Pursue wholeness in your relationships.  Develop your spiritual life because it helps you find and develop peace.  Understand, believe and have faith that you are supposed to be powerful and healthy.  The stronger YOU are, the weaker and smaller disease will be against you.  The stronger you are, the harder disease will have to work to take hold.

Pursue health.  Pursue happiness.  Pursue wholeness.  Pursue your spirituality.  Live an inspired life free from fear.  You’ll be amazed at the difference iin your life when inspiration runs your life instead of desperation.


One Response to “Live Inspired”

  1. jonathan said

    “You’ll be amazed at the difference in your life when inspiration runs your life instead of desperation.”

    Absolutely..i agree.. 😉

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