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“We Accept ALL Cases. . .”

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 21, 2008

“. . . regardless of their physical condition or ability to pay.”

When I was first exposed to chiropractic, it was from the perspective that we were all designed to be healthy and to live a full and powerful life. Further, the concept was that we don’t as much need so much help from the outside (doctors, medicine, etc.) as we simply need less interference. And knowing what we know about health, it is really immoral to withhold care from someone either because they might have been “diagnosed” with some incurable disease OR because they simply did not have the financial wherewithal at the moment to pay for their care.

While I consider myself a free enterprise advocate, I frankly appalled at our health care system in America. It’s absolutely shocking to me that someone can be told that they MUST have a certain procedure BUT their insurance policy does not cover that particular procedure OR they have a “pre-existing condition” that nullifies their coverage. To me, it is simply unethical and immoral to withhold care essential to a person’s health and well-being for any conceivable reason. Of course that presumes that the person doesn’t have a death wish and is not continuing (or will not continue) to do those things that might have caused their health problem.

Because I practice from the premise that you are supposed to be healthy and that what I do can help your body function better REGARDLESS of what your diagnosis may be, I simply cannot withhold care from someone seeking it. Now, that doesn’t mean that I promise a cure for any and all disease whatsoever. It also doesn’t mean that mine is a free clinic. I do have a fee system based on a membership concept. You pay more by the visit than you would by the month or by the year. And, my fee system is designed to be more reasonable than those based on third party payment systems like insurance.

Obviously, there are a few problems with this mindset. Some folks will try to abuse the privilege and not want to pay when they can. Sometimes, I end up with more folks who can’t pay than those that can and it puts a strain on the budget. And sometimes, because someone is not paying the true value of the care they’re getting they don’t take the care seriously and don’t stick with the program long enough to get the full benefit of what I offer. But, I have found the intrinsic value of offering folks hope in the midst of their despair more than offsets any of these drawbacks.

I’m always reminded of the story in the Bible of the woman with the issue of blood. Everyone knows that she had no hope left and knew that if she could just touch the hem of the Master’s robe she would be healed. Well, most folks overlook the beginning of that story where all her money had been consumed by doctors treating her condition.

I’ve always believed that this world would be a much better place if we each would simply do what we can for as many as we can whenever we have the chance. If you’d like to make a donation so that we can continue to help people live a better, fuller life. I’d appreciate your consideration. Feel free to use Paypal or send your donation to Dr. Tim Langley, 2100 Roswell Road #200C-526, Marietta, GA 30062.


One Response to ““We Accept ALL Cases. . .””

  1. daniel said

    Dr. Tim,
    Your speaking my language on this one.
    In reference to the bible story where the woman’s money was consumed by all the doctors who took advantage of their status on her desperation…. and then you commented that some people abuse your fee system when given a choice of payment that is fair by the doctor, right? so it seems that no matter what, someone is getting lead down the road of unfairness. How to identify these person types or how to prevent this type of abuse im not sure.. but i think it might be within a type of communication method that i feel is being overlooked and not intentionally applied across this profession.. let me explain:

    As I prepare to open my mobile cash practice on august 10th I will be sure to watch my clients investments closely as they come to me. They will receive just enough education in order to see the often overlooked “unfounded value” of this chiropractic service…………(where the depth is found)
    Yes, i agree that we cannot turn anyone away if they are searching for something that we can provide for them. Now, If someone is educated effectively around the REORGANIZING POTENTIAL of chiropractic care rather than the RESTORATIVE PROMISE we are taught in schools, then maybe that wont stop the client who is an unseen payment problem potential, but instead just send them back home a for a little while to think and come back when they are ready to value what the truth is!
    Just like a child will run away from learning a new foreign language that seems too difficult at the time only to return to it later in life with much more value.
    …..it is like this with a reorganizational education because the chiro message of reorganization is truely a new language of healthcare that gives rise to empowerment, choice, and speaks directly to the difference of rights vs. privilages in contrast to our current popular health system.

    I find Reorganization education takes a little more commitment from a client than restoration. This way only responsible curious leader types will pave a stronger client base for not only the advancement of practice but for the advancement of the profession.
    Empowerment is not always a pleasant thing to discover and for some its down right stressful………im sure you may have seen this after some adjustments…..what sometimes comes out of peoples mouths afterward takes more of an adjustment to listen to than it was to move C1 !!! (smiles)

    anyway, i love reading your blog….I always get one or 2 things out of it.
    thanks and good luck!

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