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Fighting Disease, War, Poverty and the Boogey Man

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 5, 2008

Try as you will, the harder you fight the stronger it gets.

I’m always amused (in a sad way) at life’s crusaders.  How much energy is spent fighting war, disease,  poverty or crime?  Yet, those problems keep getting worse.  Maybe it’s time we change our paradigm.  IWhen I think on these things, I’m always reminded of Einstein’s definition of insanity as “Doing the same things over and over expecting a different result”.

As a health care provider with a non-disease, non-treatment focus, I’m struck by the number of people seeking medical cures to incurable disease.  In fact, most of disease these days has won the war.  The best Medicine has to offer the most feared and insidious diseases is simply palliative symptom care and “managment” of the disease.  In other words, we’ve given up.  The war is over.

In some ways, we’ve conceded defeat and have retreated and have put ourselves in a defensive mode.  Yet, our focus is STILL on disease, whether it’s finding a cure or preventing disease through compulsory vaccination programs and the like.  BUT, the more we focus on disease the MORE disease we get.  Now, it’s diabetes, obesity, acid reflux, restless leg syndrome, ADD/ADHD, etc., etc. etc.  When will the madness end?!

It’s the same with the War on Terrorism.  And the War on Poverty.  And the War on Whatever.  Regardless of your stance on the war in Iraq, you have to admit that we’ll be in the Middle East as either Enforcer of Policeman for the foreseeable future.  As far as the War on Poverty goes, we’ve created generations of poor people dependent on the Government for their every need.  What have we accomplished other than enslaving a people within our own country?  The more we focus on our PROBLEMS, the more  problems we create.  Isn’t it about damned time we tried something different?

Let’s start a Revolution!  Instead of sickness, disease, poverty, ignorance, racism and war let’s focus instead on aA Different Way!  Let’s focus on health and wellness.  What if we studied what made people healthy and whole?  When your focus is on building health, you become stronger than disease and infirmity.

Instead of fighting poverty, let’s focus on prosperity and individual freedom!  By focusing on individual freedom, potential and empowerment, poverty will become such a minor problem that it will literally vanish from existence.  We can start in America.  Remove the barriers to prosperity and poverty disappears.  Well, almost.  Jesus said “The poor will be with us always”, meaning that some will simply CHOOSE to be poor.  But, let’s let that be a choice, not an imposition.

Instead of fighting ignorance and prejudice, let’s teach our children to think.  No, I don’t mean indoctrinating them to simply believe what we want them to believe and to memorize meaningless dates and details.  I mean teach them to THINK and REASON.  Teach them the PRINCIPALS that made and make America great!  Teach them about the greatness of Mankind and the potential they have.   Let’s get away from STEERING people towards mere careers and allow them to dream and achieve.

Let’s be willing to dismantle, even destroy, those institutions that dehumanize people and replace them with principals and ideals that cause us to think higher thoughts and strive to be greater than we ever been allowed to in the past.  Let’s strive to be great, healthy, whole and free!  Expect the best from life.  See the potential.  Pursue what you want instead of running from your fears.  Your life will love you for it!


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