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One Cause. One Cure.

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 6, 2008

An old chiropractor, Dr. Fred Barge, wrote a book by the same title.  In it, Dr. Barge talked about the cause of all disease and the cure.  In fact, he used the term “One cause.  One cure.”

The whole “One cause.  One cure” concept has caused angst among many chiropractors.  But, the chiropractors who feel uncomfortable with the concept practice chiropractic in such a way that their patients (I call them clients or members) hardly benefit from seeing the chiropractor.  Most of these chiropractors don’t even know who Fred Barge was, much less have read and understand the concept he discussed.

Because they yearn for “acceptance” in the Medical community, they turn their nose up at philosophical basis for chiropractic.  In their ignorance, these DCs believe that those of us who practice traditional chiropractic are talking about the vertebral subluxation, or nerve interference, as the one cause of disease and the chiropractic adjustment as the one cure.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The “One cause” of all disease is what we call dis-ease, or a lack of ease in the body.  In other words, there’s a problem somewhere in the body causing the body to function at less than optimum.  The “One cure” is simply the restoration of ease in how the body relates to itself and functions under all circumstances.

The health care provider’s job is simply to locate and correct (or reduce) the cause of the body’s dis-ease.  When they do their job, the body NATURALLY functions better.  THAT is what chiropractors USED to do.  Some of us STILL do.  And, it’s amazing what can happen when we simply remove the interference.  Some people call them miracles.  But, those of us that understand the concept simply accept it as a consequence of allowing the body to do what it already KNOWS to do.

If you know someone suffering with little relief or hope from traditional approaches, I encourage you to find a good chiropractor.  If you need a referral, please ask.  There are 50,000 chiropractors in America.  I bet we can find one that will embrace the challenge.

Next time, we’ll be talking about living a “Life Without Fear”.  Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “One Cause. One Cure.”

  1. Darrell said

    Actually, many chiropractors aim to relieve the cause of disease however in 2015 this is often a result of lifestyle related stress on the body such as obesity or inactivity etc. I was educated by Fred Barge and his opinion was that you could eat as many big mac’s as you wanted as long as you were getting adjusted regularly. the One Cause, One Cure notion is just as flawed as the medical model if all you are doing as a traditional chiropractor is delivering the adjustment and letting everything else take its course. If you truly understood the premise of chiropractic you would appreciate the role that all health care providers play in giving their patients all of the tools to stay healthy. This means that the chiropractor who keeps patients out of his/her office by keeping them healthy is likely a better chiropractor.

    • Agree 1005!

      However, IF we’re doing our job appropriately we’re also teaching them to THINK about their lifestyle choices and being more aware of the decisions that affect their health. In other words to allow the “inner wisdom” to begin making better choices. Most people that drive through McDonald’s KNOW they could be eating better. Most people that are obese KNOW they should lose weight and exercise more. Most people taking drugs (or USING drugs) KNOW there’s probably a better way. Clearing the interference and teaching people to think and act more innately is imperative for the Principled chiropractor.

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