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Fox News’ Dr. Izzy NOT “Fair and Balanced”

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 14, 2008

I was watching Fox News Live this past Sunday when their resident “health expert”, Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, was asked a question about acupuncture and sciatica.  The so-called “expert” stated unequivocally that acupuncture was only effective 20-25% of the time when treating sciatica and that the ONLY effective means of treating sciatica was physiotherapy, drugs and surgery.  Obviously, there was not even a mention of chiropractic as a means of dealing with the problem.

Now, I consider myself a wellness chiropractor, choosing to help folks live fuller, healthier lives without drugs and surgery.  So, my practice is not built around sciatica and other back ailments.  But, having dealt with extreme sciatica, personally, I can honestly tell you that this guy either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is intentionally misleading and misinforming Fox News viewers.

Fox News should think twice about making this simpleton their “expert”.  And, someone should take a look at their makeup practices.  The guy looked awful.

2 Responses to “Fox News’ Dr. Izzy NOT “Fair and Balanced””

  1. Lee T. said

    That’s a pretty snide ‘review’ of a kindly old country doctor’s possibly inadvertent omission of a reference to chiropractic. I have heard that some doctor’s think the idea that all diseases stem from a spinal misalignment is preposterous.I haven’t seen a chiropractor for 50 years. I had a lower back problem. The treatments didn’t help. I hear they work for some people.

    • Anyone that says (or believes) all diseases are caused by spinal misalignment is a fool. However, spinal misalignments CAN affect how you nervous system works. And since your nervous system affects EVERY aspect of your health and life, spinal misalignments CAN lower the quality of your life and make you more susceptible to disease and infirmity. Besides, back pain is the least part of my practice and chiropractic.

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