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Miracles DO happen! Create your own miracle potential.

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 15, 2008

David Casanova had a heart attack on July 4th while working out at his health club, LA Fitness.  CPR and the defibrillator was administered on the spot.  David’s heart stopped twice on the way to the hospital.  No one knew at that time how much oxygen his brain had been deprived during the ordeal.

David remained in a coma for 4 weeks.  Once he was brought out of his coma, it was hard to arrive at a meaningful prognosis.  When it appeared that David had survived the heart attack and that there was significant neurological function, the prognosis was pretty fair.  Still, it had not been determined to what extent David would be able to function.

David Casanova is checking out of the hospital today, exactly 6 weeks from the day he suffered his heart attack.  Not only is David checking out of the hospital today, he is virtually 100% recovered from what seemed to be near death.  Only some vision loss in his right eye remains from the experience.

Many prayers have been put forth for David over these past 6 weeks.  In the beginning, the prayers were that he would simply live.  Then that he would regain consciousness.  Then that he would be able to be minimally functional.  Still some asked boldly ANTICIPATING a full recovery from the very beginning.  Obviously, the prayers worked.

Sometimes we wait for a catastrophe to happen BEFORE we pray and exercise our faith.  This wasn’t the case with David Casanova.  You see, David grew up in a chiropractic family.  His dad was a chiropractor, as is one of his brothers and several uncles and cousins.  He built his life on the premise that his body was designed to be healthy and that’s the way he lived his life.  He PURSUED life instead of running from disease and infirmity.  He tried to eat right, exercise, get adjusted, have a significant spiritual life and maintain a positive attitude about his life and others’.   I believe that by virtue of a lifetime of living a healthy life, his body was able to handle the almost catastrophic stresses that eventually catch up to us all.  In other words, because he was strong he not only survived but was able to resist, endure and overcome those stresses.  There’s a lesson there.

That’s not the end of the story, though.  There were heroes along David’s journey to death and back.  First, LA Fitness should be commended for having the defibrillator available and having staff trained on how to use it.  There were also club members there that knew how to administer CPR and reacted without hesitation.  Health clubs everywhere should offer FREE CPR training for their employees and members.

Second, the EMR personnel that transported David to the hospital obviously knew their stuff.  They were prepared for subsequent heart failure and kept him alive until he arrived and turned over the the ER staff.

Finally, the staff at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia should be commended.  While I have my problems with some aspects of the medical profession, the practice of Medicine shines when it comes to emergency situations and crisis care.  The folks in the Emergency Room and the Coronary Care Unit should receive their just accolades.  Thanks for saving my friend.

There’s one last aspect of this story that needs to be told.  David was between jobs and had been for some time.  While his hospital bills have been taken care of, his personal expenses and incidental medical expenses related to all this has been significant.  His family has pitched in and done what they can.  But, David could obviously use some financial help.  He won’t ask for it, though.  While in the coma, an account was established at Bank of America to help David.  The account is a “contribution account” and is called the “David Casanova Medical Expense Fund”.  the family asked that if I wrote anything about this that I made sure you knew that the bulk of his hospital bills have been paid.  Contributions to this account will help David deal with other expenses that have piled up and will continue while he gets back on his feet.  If you’d rather send money directly to David, feel free to do so c/o David Casanova, 306 Parkaire Crossing, Marietta, Georgia, 30068.

Just know that health, strength, personal power and peace of mind is your body and Spirit’s DEFAULT.  Live in faith by pursuing your potential in everything you do.  Don’t run from life like a coward.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.  Share it.  Be hero when that opportunity presents itself.  You may one day be David.


2 Responses to “Miracles DO happen! Create your own miracle potential.”

  1. Paul said

    It’s stories like these that remind us of the importance of living healthy. How different it would have of been for David had he lived un unhealthy life style.

  2. Very enlightening, looking onward to returning.

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