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Why would you pay your chiropractor $50,000?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 17, 2008

Sometimes we get so caught up in just getting through life that we forget to get anything FROM it.  Let me explain, at least in healthcare terms although the concepts apply to almost every aspect of our lives.

In our modern world we seem to take for granted that we go to the doctor for our annual physical and whenever we have some problem that pops up that we don’t understand or scares us.  That means, we basically deal with our health on a fear basis always worrying about what might be wrong or what might go wrong.  Pretty scary IF you think about it.  Most people choose to just not think.

Chiropractors are guilty of this same mentality in many cases.  Much of our marketing centers around what’s WRONG with you instead of what’s RIGHT.  I was talking with my best client the other day about this concept.  You see, I go TO this client every week.  He’s 50 years old, owns 3 companies, has 20 employees, an airplane, vacation home and a great income.  One thing he DOESN’T have is a lot of time to spend sitting in a doctor’s office reading out-of-date magazines.

As we were talking he shared a powerful perspective.  I’ve always known that he enjoyed and appreciated his regular adjustments.  And, I’ve always known that his employees appreciate their chiropractic care, they miss fewer days from work because of illness or injury and are generally more productive than those employees that choose not to get adjusted.  But, I was a little surprised when he told me that even if none of his employees ever got adjusted, he’d still be willing to pay twice as much as he now does for those weekly visits.

My client’s company pays me $1000 a month to pay weekly visits to his office.  Those employees that want it, get adjusted.  They also get to ask questions about health issues and other related issues.  My client refers back to a situation he had had with a shoulder problem.  His orthopedist recommended physical therapy and mentioned the possibility of surgery.  Well, the physical therapy was torture and did no good, whatsoever.  And, we simply was not going to have surgery.  So, when he asked me, I told him honestly that I didn’t think it was a chiropractic problem and recommended he talk to a personal trainer I know.  Long and short of the story is his shoulder problem has cleared up without painkillers, PT or surgery.

I’ve been taking care of this fellow and his employees for 5 years now.  Neither he nor I have any intention of ever stopping the arrangement.  He states openly that those regular adjustments have literally changed his life and that he simply can’t imagine ever going without chiropractic care again.  He’s even threatened to take me on vacation with his family.

If you own a business and your time is simply to valuable to spend at a doctor’s office and are open to a new way to build health and performance, you should give serious thought to hiring a chiropractor as part of your health, wellness and performance team.


One Response to “Why would you pay your chiropractor $50,000?”

  1. Leslie said

    This makes a lot of sense Tim. I think it’s really about a shift to preventative health, and I do believe the movement has begun. I meet a lot of chiros more than most professions who are more prevention focused. The think I really appreciate about my chiro is that she was able to trace my symptoms all the way back to the root cause.

    So, if we didn’t prevent it the first time, let’s at least prevent re-occurences right.

    Look forward to reading more of you blog. just subscribed!

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