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Drugs kill! – whether pushed or prescribed. So what?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on September 26, 2008

We all know about the billions (hundreds of billions) of dollars spent by our Government on the so-called “War on Drugs”.  America has more people in prison that virtually any other country in the civilized world.  And many, if not most) of those are for drug-related crimes.  We know about the problems with cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, and so on.

But as bad as the problem is with illicit drugs, may I suggest that legal drugs present a far greater problem to our health, well-being and society than illegal drugs ever could be.  Let me explain.

Folks that use illicit drugs do so knowing that those drugs are dangerous.  They know there could be

For decades, we’ve been fighting the so-called “War on Drugs” in America.  And for the billions (heck, hundreds of billions) of dollars spent on this “War”, we only seem to be losing at an increasing rate.

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World’s Most Powerful Drug Rarely Used.

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on September 26, 2008

There is one single drug that is so powerful that all others are compared against it.  Yet, this powerful drug has been cast aside by thoroughly modern, mechanistic Medicine.

Part of the problem with this drug is it’s cost.  It is virtually FREE!  It can be found anywhere.  That’s right, anywhere!  You don’t even have to go to the rain forest to find it.

There’s another problem with this powerful antidote.  It is SIMPLE!  There are NO side-effects or potential damage to your nervoucs system, your digestive system, your circulatory system, your digestive sstem or your skeletal system.  It’s harmless.

And, there’s one more problem with this awesome drug.  It’s available without prescription and you don’t have to worry about it being covered on your “health” insurance plan.

You’ve probably guessed by now that this powerful “miracle” drug, is the placebo.  That’s right.  The lowly sugar pill is used to measure the effectiveness of every drug manufactured.  For a drug to be marketed as being effective for treating any given disease or condition, it must be more effective than the sugar pill in randomized, double-blind studies.

In other words, the fact that a pill you THINK is helping you is THE standard against which all other drugs is measured should give you great pause.  If your thoughts are THAT powerful, what else can they do?  Better yet, if your thoughts are that powerful and have no dangerous side-effects how can you use your mind more effectively?

You were designed to be healthy.  That is your body’s default.  When you think healthy thoughts, you act healthy.  You make better decisions.  You begin to rely less on outside (and potentially dangerous) methods for dealing with your problems.

When thinking about your health, think in BIG terms and about how to be the best you possible without drugs.  You’d be amazed at how powerful, strong and healthy you actually are.

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Better – Faster – Cheaper

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on September 17, 2008

One of my major chiropractic influences has always advocated a volume practice.  But, he always warned us that chiropractic could also be a difficult career path, at times.  His admonition was to always be looking for opportunities to serve and to tell others about the benefits of chiropractic care.

My mentor was from another time, a time prior to insurance where a consumer’s only reluctance was due to ignorance or outright lies about chiropractic from the medical establishment.  Then, the message was fairly simple, “Chiropractic is better, it’s faster and it’s cheaper” than other approaches to health problems that had failed so many health consumers.  And, at that time, there was no such thing as third party reimbursement.  No “health” insurance, no Medicare, no nothin’.  Huge practices were built simply by referral, education and, obviously, results.

Many of my chiropractor friends that had practiced prior to the coming of insurance reimbursement for chiropractic care lament the days when folks gladly paid cash for their care BECAUSE they knew their problem would be dealt with WITHOUT a whole lot of nonsense like they had come to expect at their “other” doctor’s office.  They also knew that if chiropractic care could help them, the results would show up pretty quickly and that it would not cost them an arm and a leg.

While many chiropractors that love the principle of innate healing and the power of the chiropractic adjustment, the reality of student loans, financial overhead and sometimes easy payment from insurance companies, we’ve become (as a profession) guilty of essentially medicalizing chiropractic.  We’ve taken a very simple concept of reducing nerve interference and turned it into some sort of treatment regimen.  And while a chiropractic problem (if left unresolved) may eventually BECOME a medical problem, it is now used to scare people into care.

Early chiropractors desired to make the “one” adjustment that permanently corrected a person’s problem forever.  While that’s certainly a noble desire, today’s stressful world does make that almost impossible.  However, chiropractic pioneers offered a revolutionary concept of empowering folks to be as healthy as possible and less dependent on ANY sort of doctor, chiropractors included.  One famous chiropractor had a saying, “Find it.  Fix it.  Leave it alone.”  The whole premise was to fix the problem and not screw it up by doing anything more.  Good advice, indeed.

There are (at least) two approaches in chiropractic today that really bother me.  They both are based in the concept of “exhaustion of benefits”, even more evidence of the medicalization of chiropractic.  With one approach, HMO and PPO providers will see you as few times as possible and bill for everything the insurance company will pay them.  The other suggests a care plan with a huge number of visits, showing how much your insurance will pay, then allowing you to make payments on the balance.  Both of these are heavily oriented towards a mechanistic approach and diminishes the true value of chiropractic as a simple, safe and affordable means toward better health and living.

Wouldn’t it be better to see LOTS of people INSTEAD of seeing people lots?  If people KNEW they could go to a chiropractor and feel better and function better and NOT EVEN have to use their insurance, wouldn’t ALL chiropractors AND the public benefit so much more?

My chiropractic mentor (one of many, actually) often said “You’ve gotta always market yourself BECAUSE people get better!”  I long for the days when chiropractors strove to empty the hospitals and prisons and fill the churches and synagogues because people wanted to live better lives and chose chiropractic as a vehicle to help them do so.

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