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What does a chiropractor really do?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on October 1, 2008

That’s a fair question, especially if you’ve never been to a chiropractor and someone has recommended that you try one.  Some folks (even some who have used chiropractors for years) will tell you “they crack your back or neck and the pain goes away”.  Others might tell you they correct the alignment of your spine and your body works better.  Still others may tell you chiropractors specialize in making you “believe” you feel better.

And while there may be some truth in all of those perceptions, they simply don’t tell you “what” the chiropractor is doing.  Certainly, with some chiropractors you may feel and hear what may seem to be strange noises.  Trust me though, nothing is cracking!  And while some chiropractors DO focus on the alignment of the spine, THAT really isn’t the objective of chiropractic, either.  And while us chiropractors (and MDs, too) want to believe the major benefit to you is what WE do for you, the “placebo effect” can’t be minimized, either.

So then, just what does the chiropractor do?  Well, there are lots of “things” the chiropractor might do while you’re in their office.  BUT, there is ONLY one thing the chiropractor does that o other professional is trained to do.  That ONE thing your chiropractor does is to locate a bone in your spine that is slightly out of alignment with the bone above or below it and putting pressure on either a specific nerve OR the spinal cord.  When we find that misaligned spinal bone, we gently and specifically help it move back to where it should be.  When that is accomplished, we SHOULD stand back and watch your body HEAL ITSELF!

It really is THAT simple.  Now, it’s not always as simple as that because most of us let our bodies get to a point of degeneration that it has to retrain itself toward holding its proper alignment long enough to both heal and retain your health.  BUT the ONE thing we chiropractors SHOULD do is to simply remove A source of interference in how your body communicates with itself.  Anything else a chiropractor might do is more palliative and financial than it is beneficial to your health.

We call what we do an “adjustment”.  Some call it a manipulation, which is just wrong.  We’ll talk about that in another post.  But, if nothing else make sure your chiropractor “adjusts” you regardless of whatever else they want to do or tell you you need.  Because the ONE thing the chiropractor offers that no one else does is “the adjustment”.

I’ll write soon on how to tell if you might need an “adjustment”.  Stay tuned.


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