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On being God’s hands

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on November 25, 2008

Wow!  Now that’s a title that might need some explaining.  So, let’s go.  I know there might be some reading that just don’t believe in God or Creation.  And, that’s OK.  But, read on.  You might enjoy.

I’m always amazed at how people will pray for God to answer their prayers without giving much thought as to HOW God might actually DO what they’re asking.  Do they think they’ll ask and then “poof”, it’s magically done?  Honestly, I think that’s exactly what some people think.  But, could it really happen that way?  It could.  But, I doubt it.

If, in fact, you DO believe in God to the extent you pray for provision, healing or anything else that is physical in nature, you must also accept that there must be somemeans for those prayers to be answered.  If it’s money, doesn’t the money have to be in someone’s possession BEFORE it can be delviered to you?  Otherwise, how would it get to you?

If it’s healing, how is the healing delivered?  I DO believe in miraculous healings.  However, I think the biggest miracle of all is that people who pray for healing would actually LET it happen!  How many folks do you know who’ve prayed for God to heal them, then get upset because it didn’t happen instantly?  Or worse, they ask then don’t even change the behavior that made them sick in the first place!  OR, after trying everything THEY know to do, they refuse to consider any alternative that might be recommended.  In my case it’s chiropractic, a natural healing profession that honors God’s design for healing in the body.

It’s funny(in a sad, perverse way) that someone would pray to a God they CAN’T see, yet rely solely on those things they CAN see as the sole source of healing.  Yet, ALL healing is a natural process.  It takes time.  Whether you break a bone or have surgery, the process of getting back to normal is simply going to take a certain amount of time.  BUT the healing starts the INSTANT the impediment to healing is removed.

I know from years of experience that god designed your body to be self-healing and self-regulating.  As long as there’s no intereference in how your body should normally operate, you’ll be healthy and will heal from an injury or illness with little or no intervention.  My job as a chiropractor is simply to locate and remove (or reduce) a major source of stress on your body’s natural healing mechanism.   When I do my job, jour body functions closer to the way God designed it to do.

So, while God designed yu to be healthy and to heal from within, a physical intereference in His mechanism can only be removed physicaly.  That’s my job.  Whenever I adjust someone, I consider that I am God’s assistant in helping you experience health and life closer to His design.  I also consider it an awesome privilege and responsibility.  I hope your doctor (whatever he/she may practice) considers themself to be an instrument of God’s healing.  And, just know that the doctor is really inside you and that all we do is to set him free to do his job better.


One Response to “On being God’s hands”

  1. daniel said

    your talkin my language. Awsome privilege and Tremendous responsibility it is. Lets GO!!!

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