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The View from Outside the Box: Vaccination

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on December 29, 2008

People seem to have this opinion that chiropractors are opposed to vaccination.  And while most of us don’t get vaccinated or have that done to our children, it’s mandatory mass vaccination that we oppose.

From my perspective, mass vaccination programs are unspecific, unscientific and unsafe.  I know.  I’ve heard all the stuff about herd immunity.  And honestly, I just don’t buy it.  If the rest of the “herd” is vaccinated, why should they worry if I or my kids are NOT?  Has the vaccination not made them immune to whatever I could catch or bring their way?

Another problem I have with vaccinations is that they never provide permanent immunity.  So instead of providing immunity from certain diseases, vaccination programs give people a false sense of security.  And if you’re only going to provide limited protection from disease, why go through with the program in the first place?  Is one answer that drug companies invest billions into vaccination programs and it’s a steady source of predictable income?  Oh yeah, if the “herd” doesn’t have permanent immunity, what happens if something happens to expose the herd to a given pathogen at some time in the future?  Would that wipe out the herd?

It doesn’t make sense to me that you would inject your child with the number of vaccines at a time when their immune system hasn’t developed to the point where it can even respond to the vaccine.  And, do you REALLY know what is in that vile?  And, has your doctor given you ALL the information on potential dangers related to the vaccine?

And, how about that flu vaccine?  Did you know that the flu vaccine you’re getting this year was developed LAST year?  The influenza virus is a single cell creature that adapts very rapidly to its environment and is probably different than the one for which this year’s vaccine was developed.  And, if the vaccine is not perfectly designed for this year’s flu virus, it simply won’t work.  Oh yeah, the flu vaccine still contains mercury.

Finally, exposure to many childhood diseases help build permanent immunity against stronger pathogens down the road.  By allowing children’s immune systems to develop slowly, they’re better able to fight off sickness and disease later in life.

In the final analysis, I have decided that I trust the design of the body to be healthy more than I trust those with a profit motive to tell me I need to inject some unknown substance into my or my kids’ body.  I’m concerned about the public health risk of dumbing down the “herd” immune response to a “super bug” that WILL appear at some time in the future.  And, I also wonder if the proliferation of autoimmune diseases aren’t partially the result of mass vaccination programs.

I’m open to your comments and thoughts on the subject.  Just keep it clean and respectful.


4 Responses to “The View from Outside the Box: Vaccination”

  1. Bzzt! Wrong on so many counts!

    But thanks for playing!

    1. Herd immunity protects those not able to be vaccinated. Google Dana McAffery.

    2. Mass vaccination is how one eradicates a disease. Google smallpox and polio (not eradicated, partly thanks to asshats who spread misinformation).

    3. Some immunity, both vaccine and natural, wanes. Your point? Booster shots, better adjuvants… better than getting hepatits B, for example.

    4. A child’s immune system is seeing thousands upon thousands of new epitopes daily. Even if we gave all childhood vaccines within two days, we wouldn’t be approaching the number of epitopes they got when they put that toy in their mouths, so… no, not overwhelming. Not even close.

    5. If you are interested in what’s in the VIAL (vile= descriptor. very freudian), ask me, we can go through it together.

    6. No, the vaccine is developed each autumn based on circulating strains in Asia and Australia. It’s not perfect, but short of a crystal ball, it’s what we’ve got as a method to predict which strains will circulate in a given season.

    7. Cross-reactivity between strains is common, so even with a bad match, like last year, you usually get partial protection.

    8. If you don’t get by now that thimerosal is ethyl mercury and is not bioaccumulated, not like methyl mercury, you must have been plugging your ears and saying lalalalalala I can’t hear you.

    9. Bzzt. Wrong. Children’s immune systems are up and running within the first month. They have active thymus glands and bone marrow. They are experiencing thousands upon thousands of new epitopes daily.

    10. I feel sorry for your kids. I hate giving needles, and I wish there was a better delivery system, but you’re doing them a disservice and it’s really sad to see someone put their kids at risk because they don’t understand the science. If you have questions, you know where to find me.

    I’ve seen people with polio, and with post-polio syndrome. I’ve seen a teenage girl die of rabies and a baby die of tetanus. I’ve seen a family devastated by their youngest dying of chicken pox. You just don’t know, if you can deny the good done by vaccination.

    • Oh, and the thing that really irked me: viruses, including influenza, are creatures that are not made of cells. The unit is a “virion.”

      • drtim said

        I guess that means you don’t have a chiropractor, huh? I DO appreciate your zeal. But, I simply don’t believe we can stop it when the REL pandemic arrives. I also believe that whatever artificial immunity my be acquired by a vaccine is insufficient to prevent a meaningful epidemic from spreading. And IF a pandemic DOES occur EVEN with the mass vaccination programs proposed, what will be your excuse? I haven’t heard you say anything about the previous swine flu problem in the 70’s.

      • drtim said

        I’m just curious. What would you say to this MD who would unequivocally REFUSE to give the Bird Flu vaccination to his own children?

        this MD

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