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Melba: 69 years old and NO drugs!

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on January 16, 2009

I’ve talked about my friend, Melba, before and her Minute Clinic experience.  Well, Melba’s at it again.  She’s still astounding (and confounding) the medical folks while wondering why folks don’t understand a drug-free lifestyle.

Melba was involved in a car accident a couple of weeks ago with a severe injury to her ankle.  Obviously, she was transported to the hospital where she would undergo surgery to pin those ankle bones together.   Just before going into the operating Room the surgeon came out and said, “I had to hear this for myself.  They don’t me you don’t take ANY drugs for ANYTHING.  Is that right?”  Melba’s response was, “Well, no.  Of course not.”  The doctor then asked her name and age to make sure she was coherent, shook his head and said, simply “Wow”.

Because Melba lives alone and will require some rehab on her ankle, she was transferred to a local assisted living facility.  Of course, most of these “assisted living” facilities are simply Medicare funding holding cells for old folks before sending them home or to their permanent residence.  Many of the residents there are simply drugged out of their minds and spend their days either in bed or in a wheel chair and pushed out into the hallway.    So far, she’s been there a little over a week.  She’s going a little crazy.

You see, Melba is 69 years old and hasn’t taken drugs for at least 40 years.  She understands that her body’s default mode is to be healthy and drug-free.  Her first experience with the “establishment” mentality was after three days of laing in bed, she got up, got in the wheelchair and rolled herself outside to get some fresh air.  Later, a caretaker said “You can’t do that!  You need to let us know ANY time you get out of bed, go to the bathroom or do anything.”  In a way that only folks approaching 70 can do, “Well, they can just kiss my ass!”  I thought I would die laughing.

Melba went back to the hospital yesterday to have some surgical staples removed and a permanent cast put on her ankle.  The doctor asked if she needed anything for pain.  Of course, she refused.  The doctor said “you’re tough”, to which she replied “Not tough.  Just realistic”.  Melba’s point was that she KNOWS that pain is part of the healing process and is there partly to keep her from doing something stupid before her ankle is ready.

At 69, Melba looks around at others her age (and younger!) and wonders “How can anyone WANT to live out their senior years like THIS?!”  In many conversations we’ve had, Melba asks “Why don’t they get it?  How can people stand to live this way?”  She talks about her best friend who’s had well over a dozen different surgeries and take numerous medications.  Her friend’s response to Melba’s ability to live drug-free is that Melba has just been lucky.  Melba realizes, though, that luck has NOTHING to do with living healthy WITHOUT drugs.  It is pure INTENT!

When I told Melba I was going to write about her experience, she said to make sure that people KNOW that they CAN be healthy without drugs and that they don’t have to fear life.  They CAN enjoy it IF only they would!

So, here you go, Melba.  Folks, you were designed to be healthy, strong and vibrant.  You were designed to run and jump and play al out, every day until your time is up.  You don’t have to live the last part of your life wasting away.  Don’t wait until you find yourself wasting away in a ursing home to decide you WANTED to live a better life.  Start TODAY moving toward a healthy, drug-free life.  Enjoy every day!

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