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Recessions are GOOD! That’s When We Build MARKET SHARE!

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on June 1, 2009

Frankly, it’s easy to get discouraged if you listen to all the news.  And to be honest, the news is mostly BAD right now.  BUT, recessions are GOOD!  Recessions are the market’s pruning shears.  Sometimes, wild growth makes the vine less fruitful.  So, pruning actually helps it grow better, more orderly and more fruitful.  An old real estate speculator friend of mine once told me, “Buy on bad news.  Sell on good news.”  It took me a few minutes to understand fully what he was telling me.  Essentially, he was telling me that the VERY best time to invest is when everyone else is selling and the best time to sell is when everyone is buying.

The same hold true when you think about how you’ll do business through these rough economic times.  But, NOW is THE time to expand your market share.  Lower your price if you must.  Offer specials to get rid of stale inventory while attracting potential new customers.  You’ll have plenty of opportunities LATER to reap your rewards in terms of profits.

So, keep your strategies simple NOW.  KEEP your existing clients and GET new ones.  Be active in the market.  Be enthusiastic about your product or service.  Give people a REASON to do business with you NOW!


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