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Kick BUT and Make Money!

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on June 9, 2009

Part of the problem with being a small business is that there always seems to be an excuse for not being able to accomplish what you want. Many times, it doesn’t matter whether there’s a good economy or bad, there is always an excuse. It might be the economy or the Government or our litigious society or the stock market or WHATEVER!

The TRUTH is that there will ALWAYS be challenges and obstacles to doing business. The key to winning is to ALWAYS get back up. My old football coach would say “Keep you head down and your feet moving! Drive! Drive! Drive! Don’t stop UNTIL you hear the whistle blow!” Obviously, what he was telling us was to keep going DESPITE what else might be happening.

One of the key congruences I’ve seen in every successful person I know has been the ability, even INTENT, to Kick BUT! Winners NEVER make excuses. They never need to. IF winners ever use the word “but” it’s to overcome an excuse to NOT do something.

Make a habit of “Kicking BUT” in your business and life. You’ll be amazed at your results.

Networking is about positive, affirmative relationships. Success is about making steady progress toward the realization of your goals and dreams. Invest in good, strong relationships.


Say “Hello”
Get their card
Follow Up!
Say “Thank You!”
Tell. Don’t Sell
THEN Receive!

Remember, they don’t care how much you know UNTIL they know how much you care!


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