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Time to Make My Stand

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on June 22, 2009

I want. No, I NEED your help and come to you boldly but with great humility. There’s a time in each of our lives when our number is called and we can either step forward or slink back in the crowd. My time has come.

I became a chiropractor because of a little girl whose life was restored because of a simple chiropractic adjustment.  The simplicity of that act and the faith of that little girl’s mother showed me the Power of an Idea whose time had come.  How could something SO simple have such profound effects on what had had teams of pediatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists, etc. confused and without anywhere to go and a hopeless prognosis?

It has never been my nature to jump in without first investigating.  You could say I’m an adventurous skeptic.  I’d always liked to think there were better ways to deal with complex problems, but had to be shown how and why something worked FIRST!  What I found astounded me!

Simply put, chiropractic works because of the simplicity of the premise on which it was founded.  That premise is that EVERYTHING in the Universe is organized.  It’s that organization that holds things together, keeps the planets aligned and holds matter together.  Further, that organization exists in ALL living things.  And, it’s that VERY organization that takes a single spermatazoa (out of 30,000,000) and forms a beautiful little baby in a matter of 9 months. 

That organization is responsible for the growth and development (mental, physical and emotional) of that little human life form and enables it to live and thrive under the most dire circumstances.  It provides immunity against diseases known or not yet discovered by scientists.  Left to its own devices, that organization enables that new life to thrive, prosper and contribute postiively to its own world and the world around him or her.

But, I’ve been frustrated with my chiropractic practice for some time.  I’ve allowed myself to practice in a schitzofrenic world.  My profession is split between trying to compete with medical doctors as we try to treat medical conditions only without drugs or surgery on one hand and trying to teach people how to live a holistic lifestyle directed by that innate wisdom already in them.  On top of that, we try to do both with a fee system beased on a failed healthcare system.  The result is that we either “treat” some until their insurance is used up or develop care plans designed to lock folks into long-term care plans.

Because of my initial exposure to the power of chiropractic in its truest form, I’ve always had a distaste for some of the business aspects of our profession.  Having been a banker, real estate broker and having a degree in Economics, I appreciate the free market and the concept of charging what the market will bear.  However, I also understand the concept of branding. And I think my profession has done a damned lousy job of branding itself.

In its simplest form, chiropractic removes or reduces a significant source of stress on one’s nervous system, THE system in the body that executes that innate organization of which I spoke earlier.  THAT’S IT!  In fact, if done properly, a person will genreally see significant results from chiropractic within a relatively FEW visits.  After that, routine visits can help maintain or improve your health as you move into the future.

My exposure to chiropractic was from the standpoint that chiropractors can help you get (and stay) better for less money and in less time.  One of the great benefits I saw in the application of chiropractic was that it not only freed up people’s health, but their wallet and time, as well.  So, it literally makes me SICK when someone says they can’t afford chiropractic care because they either don’t have “health” insurance or their policy doesn’t cover it.  In fact, many “health” insurance policies have such high deductibles that a person SHOULD be able to get the chiropractic care they need WITHOUT ever exceeding their decuctible.

So, I’ve decided to take a stand.  I’m tired of selling chiropractic from the medical perspective of SCARING people into getting chiropractic care.  Do I think an unresolved chiropractic problem can lead to your death?  OF COURSE I DO!  But, the death message hasn’t stopped people from smoking cigarettes or drinking or taking drugs, whether pushed or prescribed.  So, I’m just not going to do that!  I WANT yu to get adjusted BECAUSE it will make you BETTER and HEALTHIER!  Period!  I am going to have a FEE SYTEM that MAKES SENSE, not necessarily from my associates’ perspective, BUT from the CONSUMER’S!  “Health” insurance has NOTHING to do with health.  Insurance is designed for catastrophic, crisis situations NOT long-term investments in health and wellness.

If you want to build WEALTH, you INVEST on a regular basis. Of course you have insurance, but that’s to protect you from catstrophic loss.  Insurance doesn’t grow your wealth only help protect it from loss.  It’s the same way with Medicine and insurance.  Their job is to keep you from dying or losing everything because of a catastrophic health problem.  There’s a HUGE difference.  I’m not trained for the Emergency Room where Medicine shines.  I’m trained to help you BUILD a powerful life AND KEEP YOU OUT OF THE HOSPITAL by keeping your Master Control System free and clear.

HERE’S WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO! I want to reach at least 200 individuals over the next 90 days.  I have adjusted my fees to make it EASY for virtually ANY family to afford routine chiropractic care REGARDLESS of their insurance coverage.

1)  Forward this message to anyone you know WHO’S DEALING WITH A CHRONIC HEALTH PROBLEM!
2) CALL ME WITH SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES WITH ANY GROUP YOU KNOW that might be interested in this NEW perspective on chiropractic and health.
3) SEND YOUR GOOD ENERGY (thaat means thoughts and prayers) toward me and those folks who are dying for a little bit of hope for health and healing.
4) Plan on joinng me for a giant celebration after we’ve achieved this great accomplishment!
5) If you’re a chiropractic friend and you have any POSITIVE thoughts and suggestions, feel free to send me an e-mail, post on my FB wall or give me a call.

PLEASE NOTE: If you just want to bitch because you think I’m devaluing chiropractic, don’t bother. The world needs what I (we) have to offer. THEY are more important that what someone thinks about my fees.

Spread the word!

Keep the faith! Turn the crank! TESTIFY!


2 Responses to “Time to Make My Stand”

  1. It seems like business is still getting hit hard. Is anybody seeing an upswing in their respective niches? Health reform seems like a mess. I generate long term care insurance leads and annuity leads for the insurance industry, but volume has been terrible in the last two months. I am afraid the worst is yet to come, but maybe it is just my attitude.

    • drtim said

      Hey Jack. Mine is mainly a cash-based practice. Things have slowed some. I believe things will be slow in many areas for some time to come. BUT that just means the competition is sitting around waiting for things to turn around. Great opportunity for growth. Don’t be discouraged.

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