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My Thoughts on the Swine Flu

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 25, 2009

A friend asked me recently what I thought about the pending Swine Flu panic and the vaccine which has YET to be “developed”.

While I believe ANY vaccination should be a personal choice based on FULL informed consent, I do have  a personal opinion on the matter.  Here’s my feeling on it.

  • First, the human body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism.   I think we’re designed to resist ANY and ALL pathogens. A healthy immune system needs no help from an experimental concoction.
  • Second,  I was around during the LAST Swine Flu “panic” in the 70’s.  The shot killed more people than the flu!
  • Third, I don’t trust the Government, PHARMA or the Medical Industrial Complex. Anytime the Government tries to work up a frenzy of fear to motivate the masses to action, I slow down, back up and usually turn and run.
  • Fourth, we have never vaccinated our kids. I understand the vaccination dogma and simply don’t buy it. Our kids don’t buy it. We feel like we actually put our kids at greater risk by injecting them with both fear and who-knows-what in the vaccine.
  • Fifth, as a chiropractor, I understand the concept of ADAPTABILITY. A single cell virus, supposedly THAT virile, will mutate very rapidly and ANY vaccine will be virtually worthless.
  • Finally, I believe this thing (IF ITS real) will make several rounds through the populace. By being exposed to it early, we develop natural and stronger immunity.

In the end, whether you vaccinate or NOT has to be YOUR decision. But, just know that you were made in the likeness and image of the Creator of ALL life – strong, healty and powerful. Make a rational decision based on knowledge and principle NOT fear.

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What I’ve Learned from My Emory Experience.

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 10, 2009

This is the 7th year I’ve participated in the National Youth Leadership Forum for Medicine.  While there are several of these forums across the country, my experience has been at the forum held at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

First, NYLF is a fantastic program.  It’s primary purpose is to expose aspiring young people considering careers in health care to various professions to help them hone in on exactly what direction they’d like to pursue OR if that’s really what they want to do.  I applaud the folks at NYLF for their efforts.

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned from talking with these young people about chiropractic is that very few of them have a clue what chiropractors do or what chiropractors believe about health and medicine.  BUT the more striking reality is that these young people who will be the doctors of the future are TOTALLY open-minded about what we chiropractors do and CAN DO!  I’ve heard from a few over the years that they actually decided to become a chiropractor instead of an MD because of what they heard in my talk.  Humbling, to say the least.

Of course, many of these young people only know what they have been TOLD about chiropractic.  Some of that information has been passed on by either parents, friends or MDs that know little if anything about chiropractic, whatsoever.  At the same time, I’ve been amazed at how many of these kids have been getting adjusted their entire life and love it AND communicate it better than many of us practicing chiropractors.

Another interesting aspect of my NYLF – Emory experience is the exposure to other health care professionals.  While never combative, I have encountered some negativity my a couple of my medical counterparts.  One tried to make me stumble by asking me about some esoteric aspect of spinal anatomy.  I answered his question and have not heard from him since.  But to my amazement, most of my contacts with medical practitioners has been VERY positive.  Maybe that’s because they work in an academic environment where folks are generally open to new perspectives or maybe just because our common purpose was to share with the kids and everyone was able to submit their prejudice to the greater good.

The most striking thing I’ve learned about MDs and their attitudes about chiropractic is their general ignorance about the chiropractic profession and the premise on which our profession is based.  Over the years, several MDs have asked me how it works.  Others have expressed their skepticism about chiropractors claiming to heal (or treat) disease.  I love it when an MD expresses this particular concern because it’s the perfect opportunity to dispel a significant misconception of chiropracTIC.

Imagine the look on an MDs face when I tell them that I accept ALL cases regardless of their disease, condition or diagnosis!  Heresy!  The shock factor alone makes it fun (in my own warped way) to amke that statement.  But, when I explain that I NEVER treat a disease but the person WITH the disease or condition, the doctor turns his ear to hear me better.  When most of them hear me talk about the autonomic nervous system (especially about the Vagus Nerve) they start to understand the neurological basis for chiropractic care.

Of course, there’s a great divide between medicine and chiropractic.  After all, we ARE two totally separate and distinct professions and ideologies.  I STILL want to help folks avoid getting trapped in what I call the “Medical Maze” and my medical counterparts want to make sure their patients are not denied medical care (that they deem important) by a dogmatic chiropractor.  I think to some degree that divide will ALWAYS exist.  It can’t help be exist.

The greatest lesson for me, though, is that there is much education to be done.  However, it has been made crystal clear to me that NOW more than ever, the public is OPEN to the message of self-healing and wholeness.

Let me ask you to do me one favor, please.  If you know of anyone or any group that is open to hearing more about this unique perspective on health and health care, please let me know.  I’ve dedicated my life to helping people KNOW they were designed to be healthy WITHOUT fear of sickness, disease and infirmity.

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