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Thanksgiving and Social Networking

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on November 25, 2009

What a great networking opportunity Thanksgiving represents!

Now, you may think this is somewhat cynical.  Just the idea of using a holiday gathering of family and friends SHOULD be an occasion free from businesses and sales pitches.  And of course, you are right, somewhat.

After everyone has gotten and given their hugs and everyone is caught up on “family business”, what do we do?  Well, there’s the meal, dessert, then football or conversation.  But, how many times have you gotten into conversations with friends and relatives about some of the challenges they might be having?  How many times in the past have you simply let the topic pass and never give it another thought?

If you are involved at all in “social networking” for your business, I want you to approach things differently this year.  Take your Rolodex with you!  Not (necessarily literally, but maybe) with you.  Instead of trying to sell your own business to your family and friends, try helping THEM by sharing your contacts with them!  What better way to give a gift than to help someone you know than to introduce them to someone else you trust.

What better way to give “Thanks” than by “Giving” your shared friendships to others in a way that helps everyone?  We sell best when we sell least.  People refer to people they like.  So, strive to be the kind of person people like.

In America, we have much for which to give thanks.  Thanksgiving is not as much about celebrating your faith as it is about celebrating life.  Take nothing for granted.  Life is too short and too precious to complain.  Look for the good in all things and in everything.  Remember, regardless of how bad our own situation may be there is always someone worse off.  In all things give thanks.

One Response to “Thanksgiving and Social Networking”

  1. Great idea, will do at christmas

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