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The Bastardization of Chiropractic

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on April 16, 2010

There was a time when chiropractors were simultaneously hailed as miracle healers and scorned as quacks and charlatans.   From my perspective, those had to be the glory days of being a chiropractor.

You might ask “What the heck are you saying, Tim?”  How could it be glorious to be ostracized by the established medical community?  Before chiropractic became somewhat accepted as a non-drug, non-surgical approach to back pain and other musculoskeletal ailments, chiropractors actually went to jail for practicing Medicine without a license.  They were jailed BECAUSE they refused to admit they were actually practicing Medicine.  Instead, their objective was to honor the Healing Power in EACH human being by relieving pressure on the nervous system.  When chiropracTORs adjusted someone, miracles happened.  The word spread like wildfire.

Then, chiropractors located the CAUSE of most chronic health problems, CORRECTED the problem and let the Healing Power do ITS job!  And just as if you let go of your car keys, they’d drop to the ground.  So, would people get better when properly adjusted.

But somewhere along the line, some chiropractors fell victim to jealousy and personal inadequacy.  They started thinking “I’m a REAL doctor, too!”  And then, health insurance and Medicare parity came along.  In order to get paid in an allopathic (diagnosis and treatment) world, they had to ACT like our medical counterparts.  As we started using Medical jargon and wearing white coats and stethoscopes, we turned from OUR Principles in favor of THEIR principal and practices.

Today, you might be hard-pressed to find what is commonly called a Principled Chiropractor.  Sure, there are chiropractors that ONLY adjust the spine.  Sadly though, they STILL use Medical jargon to justify insurance reimbursement AND to attract people into their offices for their back pain.  Once in their office, they’ll talk to you about lifetime care and wellness care.

I think it’s time for chiropractors to PROCLAIM chiropracTIC and BE chiropracTORs!  Stop trying to be “accepted” into the Medical community.  Heck, if you want to be an MD, why not just go to medical school?  BUT if you want to see miracles happen with people’s health and lives, then embrace the true power of chiropractic.  Establish a fee system that reflects your objective and allows people to include routine chiropractic care into their lifestyle.

People ARE looking for something different, not just “Not Medicine” but something REAL.  I believe they’re looking for REAL chiropractors and not FAKE MDs.  Be a REAL chiropractor!


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