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Yeah, But I Really Like That Roller Table Thing

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on April 18, 2010

It’s always interesting to hear people’s reaction when I tell them I’m a chiropractor.

There’s always the response from folks who don’t have a chiropractor, “I don’t need a chiropractor.  My doctor just gave me a nerve block.”  Of course, there’s the “Oh yeah.  I went to a chiropractor a long time ago when I had a car wreck.”  More and more often these days, I’m hearing  “Oh, I LOVE my chiropractor!”  If you’re a chiropractor, you’ve become accustomed to these and similar responses.

But of all the responses I get, the one that bothers me the most is “Yeah, I go to the chiropractor.  But, I REALLY like that roller table thing.”  It feels really good.”

Why would such an honest and seemingly harmless statement get under my skin?  Well, there are two reasons, actually.  First, I don’t think those tables are good for you.  They could actually be causing you some of the very problems you pay your chiropractor to fix.  So in a couple of ways those tables are a perpetual source of inside marketing.  You create your own chronic problem (yet feels relaxing) that keeps you coming back.  Oh yeah, since your insurance company is being billed, who cares?

The other reason the roller table bothers me is that if THAT is the reason many people go to the chiropractor, then there are some weak doctors hurting my profession.  If chiropractic is done right, you’ll be taught how to listen to your body instead of simply being fed “comfort food”.  In my opinion, the roller table is there because the chiropractor is either to scared or too lazy to educate you on the real value of regular chiropractic care.  What if someone told you there’s a power inside you designed to help you live more powerfully and that all the time and effort in that office is for helping you and folks in your community live a better, fuller life?  Would you think the chiropractor was crazy or awesome?

There are chiropractors who believe in YOU and your potential to live a powerful life.  Sadly, they’re somewhat hard to come by.  If you’re looking for someone to help you get more out of your life instead of just getting more out of your wallet, let me know.  I’ll be glad to help you find a good Principled chiropractor in your area.


One Response to “Yeah, But I Really Like That Roller Table Thing”

  1. Stuart K. said

    Hmmmm. My last chiropractor had the rolling tables. Makes me wonder now….

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