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So, Doc. What If I Don’t Need a Miracle Healing?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on April 19, 2010

Chiropractic is powerful stuff if practiced from its Principles.  When a chiropractic adjustment (especially a specific Upper Cervical adjustment) is delivered, it relieves stress on the nervous system allowing your body to do miraculous things.  Having said that, I wonder how many people really hear that story AND if they do, how many are even motivated by it?

People are so bombarded with outrageous claims on everything from miracle juices from exotic jungles to vaccinations for Swine flu, as well as from car dealers to soap peddlers.  So, the natural reaction is to simply turn down the volume OR go to the bathroom at the commercial break.  In other words, when we start railing on the evils of Medicine and our own miraculous healings, folks tend to tune us out.

Granted, most chiropractors see plenty of people desperate for hope and who have come to us when all else has failed them.  But generally, people stay under chiropractic care because it simply makes them feel better than they ever have before and enables them to do more of what they want when they want and how they want.  The side benefit, oddly enough, is that they no longer suffer from back pain or migraines or seizures or ulcers or cancer.

I think one reason only 7-10 percent of Americans go to chiropractors is that chiropractors do a crappy job of telling our story.  We assume that the only ones who need us are the ones suffering from some health malady.  Our whole message is centered around death and sickness when our Principles are based in life and vitality.

Honestly, I KNOW the miracles that are happening inside a person when I adjust them.  I want MORE people to receive those same miracles.  But, it’s not fair to ask someone who’s never been exposed to chiropractic to eat the whole elephant in a single sitting.  If they have the chance to digest a bite at a time, they’ll understand over time, will remain under my care and tell all their friends about how great their life is since they discovered chiropractic.

So, my message is simple “If you want a better, fuller, more expressive life…get adjusted.  Stay adjusted.”



2 Responses to “So, Doc. What If I Don’t Need a Miracle Healing?”

  1. Dr. Robert said

    Great message, Dr. Tim. I’m glad I saw this today, and checked my bearings. I hope more DCs will see this and talk to people through a language of love and life.

  2. you should always check their backgrounds first if they are reliable car dealers -;`

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