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No pain no gain?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 20, 2010

Whether helping a friend deal with a broken heart or a practice member deal with a physical problem, it’s important to understand pain from a proper perspective.  Pain is mostly a good thing.

Obviously, pain is NOT a pleasant thing to endure.  But, if you put your hand on a hot stove wouldn’t you WANT to feel some pain?  Wouldn’t that be letting you know there’s a problem?  And, wouldn’t it be a reminder the next time you approach the stove to NOT put your hand there?

Over the years, I’ve seen many people (my parents included) literally destroy their lives by medicating (with alcohol, prescription medications or illicit drugs) away their pain only to find their lives have eroded or corroded while they were not really conscious.  It’s the same way with physical pain.  The pain is merely an indicator that something is wrong OR that healing is in progress.  Healing is a process that STARTS with a painful awareness of the problem.

By masking our problem indicators, we ensure our long-term demise.  Emotionally, we lose touch while our world crumbles around us.  Physically, we lose touch while our bodies crumble within us.  The end result is that our life falls to pieces physically, emotionally and spiritually without us even being aware of it.

Why not take a look at the source of your pain?  Figure out what the problem is.  Deal with it.  Learn the principles of effective living (that includes your health) and live a fuller, more free and fulfilling life.


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