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Council on Chiropractic Education: The Clash Between Economics and Accreditation

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 25, 2010

The chiropractic profession is at a crossroads.  A profession based on hands on non-allopathic, holistic principles has methodically been moved closer and closer to the practice of Medicine much to the chagrin of most practitioners in the profession.

Under the guise of ensuring the highest quality of care rendered to the public, the CCE has forced every chiropractic school into moving away from the profession’s founding principles and toward a sub-par version of manual medicine.  Being the only accrediting authority in the profession, CCE has almost no oversight and has become a rogue agency imposing its will on the chiropractic profession.  And, like a cancer, has gone virtually ignored by the U.S. Department of Education or the public which it supposedly is sworn to protect.

The folks at the Council on Chiropractic Education has even certified one chiropractic college to confer a degree of Chiropractic Medicine to its graduates.  Not only is this outside CCE’s scope, it is dangerous for the public at large.  The practice of Medicine is difficult enough for those who attend medical school and do the residency necessary to practice that art.  Chiropractors that play Medical Doctor are a menace to society just as is an MD that tries to manipulate patients in their medical practice.

There is NO justification for teaching Medicine to chiropractic students or requiring  medical education at chiropractic schools.  For one thing, it confuses the chiropractic student and graduate.  The two professions have totally opposite philosophies and really are separate and distinct.  In most states, it is illegal for the chiropractor to either make a medical diagnosis or prescribe even over-the-counter drugs for simple symptom relief.  Personally, I think it’s a good thing that chiropractors have a narrow scope of practice.

From an economics standpoint, it is almost impossible for a new chiropractor to survive in practice.  Let me restate that.  It’s virtually impossible for a new chiropractor to survive in practice without heavy third-party reimbursement or participating in multi-level marketing or by having a part-time job.  Here’s the truth.  If people want Medicine, they’ll go to a medical doctor.  People typically seek a chiropractor because they want something DIFFERENT from the Medical approach.  If all a chiropractor offers is medical LITE, he/she is simply not a good alternative.  Hence, many chiropractors fail in practice.

Because so many chiropractors fail in practice, student loan default rates are the highest of ANY of the healing arts.  If CCE’s purpose is to protect the public and make sure that student loan defaults are minimized, I would think they have failed miserably at their job.  In fact, if I were the Department of Education, I would encourage the profession to create an alternative to CCE as soon as possible and prepare to remove CCE’s standing as THE sole accrediting authority.  A worthy accrediting authority would ensure MINIMUM compliance with core requirements while allowing its schools to specialize and compete for students via different philosophical, clinical and business perspectives.

All the Council on Chiropractic Education has accomplished is to have raised the cost of chiropractic education beyond the average student’s ability to repay their debt.  Something has to stop.  Neither the chiropractic profession, the public nor the Federal Government is served by the policies and practices of the Council on Chiropractic Education.


8 Responses to “Council on Chiropractic Education: The Clash Between Economics and Accreditation”

  1. sigafoose said

    Happy days, when cce shows its true colors as being anti chiropractic. National for decades hasnt really taught chiropractic, and is the standard for cce. More medics are needed like more atomic bombs are needed. The psuedo medic coming forth as a legit. is another joke on the consumer, and a better delineation between psuedo chiropractic and the real thing. Yippee.

  2. […] has soared.  Coincidentally, so have student loan default rates.  Also in recent times, the organization has illegally taken one school’s accreditation only to have it restored in Federal […]

  3. […] has soared.  Coincidentally, so have student loan default rates.  Also in recent times, the organization has illegally taken one school’s accreditation only to have it restored in Federal […]

  4. Alan Dinehart, DC said

    The unknown author of the above article makes his first mistake in the very first paragraph. He states that “Most” of the profession is against this trend. In reality, the majority of the profession is happy with the move toward evidence based scientific Chiropractic Medicine.

    He then goes on to say (paraphrase) Chiropractors are too stupid to practice medicine! This statement was said again by one of the leaders of the antiquated Subluxationist group at a legislative hearing in New Mexico. Apparently, the author has never compared the curriculum of Chiropractic schools to Medical or Osteopathic schools. The CCE required courses are identical to the other health care professions. He also fails to mention Osteopathic medicine. This is a profession that has successfully merged medicine and manipulation for over 100 years!

    At the same time the author is trying to tell you that Chiropractic isn’t medicine and is a drugless profession, he states that “In most states, it is illegal for the chiropractor to either make a medical diagnosis or prescribe even over-the-counter drugs for simple symptom relief.” What part of this is not practicing medicine? He seems to want it both ways!

    The author also doesn’t seem to understand how the accrediting process actually works. “I would encourage the profession to create an alternative to CCE as soon as possible and
    prepare to remove CCE’s standing as THE sole accrediting authority.” It is actually totally up to a profession to decide who their accrediting body should be and then inform the Department of Education. Except for a few of the Subluxationist schools all the Chiropractic Colleges in the US are also regionally accredited. This is another layer voluntarily placed on the schools to ensure their students are getting the best education available.

    The Subluxationists are welcomed to drop their affiliation with the CCE and attempt to start their own accrediting agency. If the author’s initial statement that the “majority” of the profession objected to the move toward medicine, than this would have been done years ago. Apparently he has his facts wrong!

    • Let’s just say you make some pretty big assumptions. And, you know what happens when you assume.

      • Alan Dinehart, DC said

        Exactly what are these assumptions? The anti-CCE force attempted to get a worldwide petition signing campaign and only managed to get 3000. This is a miniscule number considering there are 70,000 Chiropractors in the US. This number doesn’t count the family members.

        The ICA only represents approximately 14% of the profession. So, when I say you are in the minority, I can back it up with hard numbers. Can you?

        This profession is gong to move forward and drop the evangelical practitioners. This will be done with or without you. It will be your choice.

        Up until now, there has been a position on the side of the expansionists that we should live and let live. However, after 38 years of having accreditation and the ICA people attempting to block everything we do, it’s no longer going to be live and let live. It’s time for ICA and their unproven, unscientific, non-evidence based practice be eliminated.

        Sorry if you take this personally but the time has come where we will no longer accept mediocrity when it comes to patient care.

      • Actually, it is your side of the equation that is trying to dupe the public into thinking you’re something you’re not. Folks already have the choice of going to any physician they want. Actually, you could have been a real physician if you had chosen. However, you chose to go to chiropractic school instead. I intentionally chose to be a chiropractor NOT a physician. I look forward to the day, Medicine accepts folks like you into their profession as a limited specialist. You’ll be much happier and so will I. An added bonus will be that the public will be safer without you playing Medicine without a Medical license.

      • Alan Dinehart, DC said

        In every organization or profession there is a bell curve which incubuses the range of thinking. The majority is always in the middle with extremes at both ends. What has happened in the thirty something years I have been in practice is the extreme right (Subluxationists) have gotten smaller and the Progressives have gotten larger. This means the entire bell curve has shifted away from the unprovable Palmer theories and toward the provable scientific evidence based system. Currently there is an upstart organization in Florida that’s sole purpose is to expand the scope of practice for Chiropractors (FCPA). In a few short months, they have been able to attract 1200 members and more are joining every day. My mid-year they expect 2500 members. This will make it larger than the entire worldwide ICA!

        Medicine doesn’t have to accept Chiropractic as a limited specialty as there will always be a distinct difference in the way we practice. Chiropractors by nature and training are a much more conservative form of medicine and we attempt to remove the cause rather than treat the symptom. By adding to our scope the full scope of medicine, only helps our patients and leads to a healthier society. As the Osteopathic profession has progressed and prospered, so will the Chiropractic profession. Currently, we are moving backward and our scope and remuneration has been decreased nationally.

        Practitioners who only analyze and adjust the spine can not survive as practitioners because there is no substantive evidence to show that this is anything but a forceful massage. However, there will be room for practitioners like yourself as Chiropractic technicians working under the direct supervision of a Chiropractic Physician.

        There are already rumblings of removing non-evidence based schools from CCE accreditation. This would lop off the entire right side of the bell curve. It would also make a much more unified front when dealing with legislative bodies.

        Nobody is asking you personally to change a thing that you are currently doing. However, the profession will move forward in spite of what you think or say!

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