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Dead at 43

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on May 7, 2012

Dead at 43

He doused himself with gasoline and emptied the rest of the can on the floor around him.  Then, set himself on fire.  He died several hours later but not until his youngest son saw him rolling on the carport floor in agony.  Five years later, she died of liver failure caused by chronic alcohol abuse.  Five years apart.  Both 43 years of age.  How tragic were these two lives.  How tragic, too, that three children had to watch these two destroy themselves.

It’s been nearly 40 years since my dad killed himself and almost 35 since my mom died of cirrhosis.  Over that time, I’ve given lots of thought to what could have caused such calamity.  How can it be that two people can be so disconnected from reality that they would choose to live and die like that?  If it were genetic, wouldn’t their siblings have been as screwed up?  Both came from big families. Both had a whacky sibling or two, but nothing like this.

Obviously, there were relationship dynamics and personalities that came into play.  But, one doesn’t get that screwed up without there being a significant disconnect somewhere along the way.   Was there some sort of spiritual disconnect or a chemical imbalance of some sort?   Honestly, I don’t know.

But since I became involved in chiropractic, I have seen how severely disconnected folks can be and how powerfully a physical reconnection can affect one’s life physically, mentally and even spiritually.  I’ve literally seen lives changed.  One little girl with seizures and emotional issues destined to be institutionalized is now a fully functional school teacher, a woman with Multiple Personality Disorder is now completely sane and whole, a man with myopia now able to see not only straight ahead but with excellent peripheral vision.  I’ve seen the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see and the infirm become strong. 

Did my parents have a chiropractic problem?  I don’t know.  No one will ever know.  But this I DO know.  They had never been checked for a chiropractic problem.  And, they were definitely disconnected from God’s original Design for their health, their family and their life.  Had they been under chiropractic care (at least mine and those chiropractors like me) they would have know that their possibilities were so much greater than what they were seeing through their own limited vision.  Had they known that they were designed to be healthy, happy and powerful maybe they would have made better decisions.

I used to be a chiropractic skeptic even though I had my doubts about Medicine, too.  I didn’t believe then that you could do much with a pill, a potion or even an adjustment from the outside could affect what happened on the inside of a person.  I’ve come to understand that you CAN affect what goes on with someone, but you cannot control it. 

And although the Principled chiropractor DOES impose a force (even slight) into the body, what it REALLY does is to remove (or reduce) a major source of interference in the normal function of one’s body.  When that happens, you are better able to perceive both your inner and outer world.   And, a clearer perception of your world enables you to make better decisions.  A lifetime of better decisions leads one away from the paths my parents took and toward a life of joy, peace, patience and kindness.

I’m not going to ask you to chase down your wahcked out friends and/or family members and get them to a chiropractor.  I’m asking YOU to come in and get checked.  Start living the life YOU want to lead.  Others will then ASK what you’re doing.  Then, just bring them with you.

Think about my parents.  Think about how far off the path someone can get.  Imagine an airplane taking off from Atlanta going to Los Angeles.  If that plane is off course by just ONE degree from its start in Atlanta, it could end up as far off course as South America or Alaska.  Minor corrections along the way ensures the plane arrives at its scheduled destination as scheduled.  You have a great destiny planned for you.  Stay on course.  Add a Principled chiropractor to your team.

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