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Chiropractic’s Corrupt Education System

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on December 6, 2013

I am urging the US Dept. of Education to rescind the status of CCE (Council on Chiropractic Education) as the accrediting authority for the chiropractic profession on the following grounds.

Student Loan Default Rates – Partly due to the course load imposed by CCE requirements, the cost of a chiropractor’s education far exceeds the average earnings of the typical practitioner.

Failure Rate of New Chiropractors – Partly due to CCE requirements, students are not given sufficient skills to succeed in practice.  Many MUST supplement their chiropractic education with expensive practice management programs.

Homogenization of Programs – CCE allows little differentiation in programs from one school to the next.  This ensures that the failed model CCE promotes is uniform across the profession.  Hence, innovation and improvement are stymied.

Contempt for US Dept. of Education – CCE has been given numerous opportunities to clean up their act to little or no avail.  Because they have no competition, they feel little compulsion to comply with USDOE directives UNTIL it is time for their review.

Integrity IS a Problem – CCE has continually restructured its organization to maneuver around areas that restrict it from achieving its political ends.  They used this to try to close the largest school in the profession WITHOUT that school having ANY representation either on its Board of Directors or Commission on Accreditation.  It took a Federal Court injunction to thwart CCE’s illegal effort.

Dereliction of Duty – If accrediting authorities are vested with the responsibility of protecting both students AND the American taxpayer, CCE has been nothing short of dereliction of duty, possibly even fraud and negligence.  This rogue agency has abused its authority granted by the US Dept. of Education and created an untenable situation for this profession, the Federal Government and thousands of chiropractic students and graduates.

In closing, I believe the chiropractic profession would be better served if this rogue agency (CCE) were obliterated, altogether.  Granted, there will be some turmoil and inconveniences as states that have mandated CCE accreditation for licensure.  But, CCE has shown its contempt for USDOE’s standards for accreditation, the desires of the chiropractic profession as a whole and most particularly the well-being and potential success of virtually all those pursuing careers as chiropractors.  Regional accreditation and competition between chiropractic schools would lower the cost AND improve the quality of chiropractic education.  This noble profession deserves better…much better.


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