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Woman decides against suicide after chiropractic adjustment

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on October 26, 2014

I got a call the other day that went something like this:

Caller: I called about your video.
Me: Yes ma’am. Which video?
Caller: The one with the noose.
Me: OK. How can I help you?
Caller: I found it because I was looking for a way to kill myself. I watched the whole thing. Everything you talked about is what I’ve been dealing with and I just haven’t been able to get any help. Can you help me?
Me: Yes ma’am. When can you get in?
Caller: I’m 2000 miles away. I can’t get to your office.
Me: I know some great chiropractors not too far from you. Let me call someone. Give me a little while, OK?
Caller: OK.

I found a fellow DE chiropractor who drove a hundred miles to adjust this lady. He called me a few hours later to tell me that she is still with us.  The next day, she attended an Open House my friend was having.  The picture taken at the event looked nothing like someone who was ready to take her own life just the day before.

What did my friend do?  He checked the top two bones in her neck and adjusted what was needed.  That’s all!  The sad part of this story is that she HAD seen a chiropractor just recently who took her money but NEVER adjusted her neck! If you don’t get the top bone in your neck checked, why bother?

The whole point of this story is that a subtle interference in how your body communicates with itself can have serious effects on your life AND removal (or reduction) of that interference can have profound (maybe miraculous) effects on the quality of your life.  Not all chiropractors are of this mindset.  So, it’s important you find one that does.  Let me know, I’ll help you find one.

Here’s the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db4AiiCWhFs


3 Responses to “Woman decides against suicide after chiropractic adjustment”

  1. Steve said

    Fantastic read! I’m going to try to spread it!

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  2. Katie said

    I thought a lot about commenting before I actually writing this. I normally never comment on anything as it’s not my personality. However, I feel really strongly about sensitive topics such as suicide and the way we talk about them in society. I’m not doubting that your friend helped this particular woman, but writing a short blog post about this subject without giving any trigger warning or disclaimer is irresponsible. I saw this blog post posted on facebook so it is being shared and viewed by those other than just your colleagues. Any health care professional needs to be careful when talking about issues of suicide, especially when it is being viewed by the general public. Suicide is a complex issue that is rarely solved by one adjustment or any one thing. Could it happen-certainly, but it is hardly the norm and you are not an expert on mental health. I hope that your friend also referred this woman to a qualified psychologist so that she could unpack how she got to the point of wanting to end her life. You didn’t provide much detail into this woman and why she was at the point of wanting to commit suicide, which generalizes this post and makes it seem like it applies to ALL people who are struggling suicide. I would hate for someone struggling with suicidal tendencies to read this and think that by one adjustment all their problems could be solved. I have a brother who has struggled with suicidal tendencies and no amount of adjustment alone could help him process the psychological trauma he has experienced witnessing a murder while at work. Do you know what helped him? Seeing a therapist who created a plan and gave him tools to deal with the trauma. And this comes back to my point. Not everyone who is considering suicide has had a trauma in their life. It is highly complex as to how a person gets to the point of wanting to kill themselves. Some people have trauma, others have difficulty dealing with the stress of their life, bullying, abuse, substance abuse, chemical imbalances,post-partum depression/anxiety, ect… Blog posts like this generalize a sensitive and complex issue, making it seem as if you have the solution to fix any suicidal persons issues and that it is easy when it is definitely not. I hope that any person reading this who is contemplating suicide would get help from a trained psychologist or therapist to identify and deal with whatever issues it is they are facing. I would also hope that any chiropractor that sees a person who is suicidal would co-manage the patient with a therapist or psychologist. Adjust them to make sure they are expressing their potential for health-sure, but dont let them just walk away without the number of a therapist you trust. I would also suggest you read up on ways to talk about sensitive issues such as these. A blog post like this should contain a trigger warning for those that have thought or struggle with suicide or for those that have lost someone to suicide. It should also include a disclaimer stating that if anyone is thinking about suicide they should seek help from a therapist or psychologist and then list the National Suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255 http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

    • Thanks so much for your comment.

      It is never my intent to trivialize or generalize such a powerful and trgic event. And, in no way do i believe that chiropractic is the only thing that can prevent someone from taking their own life. In fact, i (and chiropractors like me) definitely suggest folks seek counseling.

      I have experienced suicide and mental illness in my own family. So, im not ignorant on the matter. Nor am i an expert.

      However, i am convinced that if more people were under regular chiropractic care, there would be much less mental illness and many fewer suicides.

      Thanks again for your interest and feedback. I wish you the very best.

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