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I Love Being a Chiropractor!

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on March 25, 2015

I DO love being a chiropractor. Just knowing that I have the ability to locate and remove an impediment to a person’s ability to express their health and their life as fully as possible is both awe-inspiring and humbling at the same time.

In these 15 years of practice, I’ve had the opportunity to work with folks with so many different challenges. It’s run the gamut from back pain and migraines to high blood pressure to constipation, seizures and ear infections. Of course, Chiropractic is not a treatment for any of those conditions or ANY medical condition, in fact. We know that the ONE thing that the chiropractor DOES do is to locate and correct vertebral subluxation. And when we DO what chiropractors were meant to do, people’s lives improve.

One of the things I appreciate most about Chiropractic is the awareness that everyone has the innate potential for better health and performance. Helping folks realize that their innate potential for expressing more life IS in my mind the greater part of my job as a chiropractor. AND realizing this fact helps my members make better life decisions only increases my value as their chiropractor.

One of the greatest benefits (to ME as a chiropractor) of adjusting a high school football and basketball team for five years was having kids get on the table EVERY week to get checked for subluxation whether they had symptoms or not. And having a teenager tell you that they not only feel better but PLAY better when they get adjusted is powerful confirmation that you’re on the right track.

Having practiced and studied Chiropractic for several years now, I understand that EVERYONE is better off without vertebral subluxation. Even more, I believe that EVERYONE deserves to have access to Chiropractic care regardless of age or condition, whether infant or geriatric and with or without symptoms. And, the only diagnosis needed is the presence of vertebral subluxation.

If you don’t have a chiropractor for yourself and your family, I urge you to find one.  Let me know if you need some help.  I know hundreds all over America.

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Help Your Body Heal Better, Faster and With More Certainty

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on December 3, 2014

How does your body heal?  How can you help it…or should you even try?

In our thoroughly modern, “scientific” age, we employ all sorts of therapies and remedies to “enhance” or “speed” the healing process.  And quite often, we take drugs to ease the pain and symptoms CAUSED by the healing process.  BUT, I would suggest to you that there is a better way.

Now before I start, I’m not telling you not to go to the ER if you’ve been involved in an accident and need immediate attention.  I’m talking about routine chronic problems that never get to heal and diminish your quality of life.  And well, what I’m about to tell you might even help that broken arm heal better, too.

Your body heals itself much like a mason repairs a damaged wall.   A crew is brought in to remove the damaged parts and prepare the way for rebuilding the wall.  Then new materials are brought in to replace the old damaged material.  A competent and capable body (like the mason) will get the job done in the appropriate amount of time.

How does your body repair itself?

How does your body repair itself?

However, If the nervous system is compromised, the process simply will not function appropriately.  It’s like the mason gets the word late and is not quite prepared for the job.  Then we take something to ease the pain and it’s like giving the mason a bottle of booze to keep him from getting mad.  He can’t focus and just takes longer to do the job at less than 100%.

Enter the chiropractor.  He/she makes sure the brain gets the right signal and proper instructions and the right mason are then sent to the damaged/sick area.  The demolition and repair are done correctly and timely.


So if you want to make sure your body heals properly and as efficiently and effectively as possible, find a good chiropractor that ONLY ADJUSTS the spine to remove this thing we call a vertebral subluxation.  You’ll be glad you did.

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Posted by Marietta chiropractor on November 14, 2014


I’ve been a “networker” for years. As a young banker, we were required to belong to a civic group like Optimist, Rotary, etc. As you advanced in the bank, your membership at either the country club or dinner club was paid by the bank. These days, “networking” is more direct with the specific intent to GET business.

One of the problems with “networking” these days is the myopic effort to “pitch” yourself in 30-60 second sound bytes. While that might get you some referrals, that gets boring and painfully “salesy”.

IF you’re going to “network”, why not try a longer term approach of GIVING. Instead of silently rehearsing your “pitch” till it’s your turn to stand up and spew, why not make the effort to LISTEN to others make their presentation. THEN think of all the people you know (family, friends, associates) who could possibly use the services of your fellow networkers? Become a resource for everyone you know and they will naturally think of you when someone needs what you have to offer.

The Law of Reciprocation works. As President Kennedy stated “All boats rise with the tide”. We’re in the helping business. Why not help as many people as you possibly can in as many ways as you can. It will add new meaning to your life and you practice.

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Are you funcioning in an altered state of consciousness?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 27, 2014

You could be.

You already know that Americans take more drugs of any kind of any other country on the planet.  In fact, ALL the other countries in the World COMBINED take a mere fraction of the drugs that Americans do.  A large portion of those drugs are for diagnosed psychiatric conditions, including Depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.  Another large portion of those drugs are for pain and other symptoms, and some are taken for chronic health conditions.  Some are prescribed and some are bought over the counter. 

But there’s one thing they ALL have in common, they alter your (and your body’s) state of consciousness.  That’s right.  Every drug you take affects how you see the world.  And how you see the world, determines your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Look.  I’m not saying all medications are bad…in the short term.  What I AM saying is that drugs work BECAUSE they are designed to convince your body it either has something it’s not supposed to have or doesn’t have something it should.  In other words, drugs trick your body into behaving a certain way, whether that is altering chemical levels, suppressing normal immune function or directly affecting your brain and nervous system.

Without saying ANYTHING about all the potential hazards and side-effects posed by taking ANY drug, the long term affect of altering your body’s normal responses to even a single problem can be devastating.  Whether it’s diminished function of a particular system in the body or bad decision making or outright addiction, they all lead to a lower quality of life for you, your friends and associates, and your family members.  When you multiply that by the tens of millions of people taking drugs/medications, you can see the potential harm to an entire culture.

The thing I love most about Chiropractic is that it’s purpose is to help you function at a higher lever NO MATTER what your current circumstance may be.  And the longer you function at higher levels of awareness, the better your life can be.  Imagine how different your life would be right now and how much better it could be if you improved your thoughts, decisions and actions could improve by just 10%.  I think it would be remarkable.

Do what you can to get clean and stay clear.  Your life will thank you for it.

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What IS a Chiropractic Smile?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on May 24, 2010

Have you ever known someone who just always seems to be smiling?  They seem to ALWAYS feel good.  Nothing seems to bother them.

Well, what you’re seeing is someone who’s comfortable in their own skin.  They’re confident in who they are and what they are.  Life is not defined by their fears but by their faith in knowing they don’t have to live in fear…of anything.

OK.  So what does this have to do with chiropractic?  You probably know folks like that who have NEVER seen a chiropractor.  So have I. BUT, I’ve also seen lots of folks over the years who USED to live in fear of sickness, disease, infirmity and uncertainty who now live powerful lives.  OK.  OK.  Chiropractic.

Here’s the real power of chiropractic.  Chiropractic is based on the premise that everything in the Universe is organized.  In fact, that organization gives all matter its properties and maintains it in existence.  And, that organization is obviously in all living things.  In living things, that mechanism’s job is to help you (and all living things) be the MOST and ?BEST you can be.  It interprets the environment and stimulus around you and responds appropriately.  It knows what is the right chemical balance in YOUR body and dispenses the right hormones in the right amount at the right time.  Really, it’s beautiful!

In fact, it’s the “thing” that keeps all the individual cells, tissues, organs and systems in your body working together in harmony to keep you functioning.   It’s THAT mechanism that leaves a living thing when it dies.  In fact, that mechanism STOPS working the moment you die.  There is STILL life in your body.  It’s just not coordinated.  The life that’s left is random, each individual cell doing ITS very best to survive.  That’s what happens when your body decomposes.  The organizing mechanism leaves you and chaos is left.

That organizing mechanism CAN be diminished in living things, particularly humans.  It can be disturbed by chemical, physical or emotional stress.  The more of these stresses that exists, the more chaotic the organization of the function of the cells, tissues, organs and systems in your body.  In other words, the diminished organization actually causes “less life”.  Eventually, this can lead to sickness, infirmity and disease.  In an effort to deal with the symptoms of this disorganization, people are convinced that drugs can help or that surgery can remove an offending organ.  Sadly, these remedies only mask the EFFECTS of a disorganized body while allowing the REAL problem to continue.

Folks under long term chiropractic wellness care routinely remove a significant cause of this disorganization.  So, their bodies work in a more organized way.  When that happens, they have less need for drugs or surgery.  As they learn to trust and listen to their bodies, they move in a more powerful, independent way.  Their confidence in themselves, their design and the Design for their life continues to grow.  The more they’re able and willing to listen to that little voice inside them, the more powerful their health and life.  Things just work better.  And like money invested routinely with interest and dividends reinvested, their life becomes even more dynamic.

So, the chiropractic smile is power, strength, confidence and joy on the inside expressed on the outside.  My wish for you is that you’ll want to experience this power in your life.  Find a wellness chiropractor that is confident in your potential.  If you can’t find one or don’t know how to find one near you, let me know.  I’ll help you find one.

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Chiropractic: Truth in Advertising

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on June 5, 2009

When I heard the call to become a chiropractor, it was NOT necessarily to fix backaches and strains. It was because I had seen lives literally saved, or at least changed, after all hope had been lost pursuing traditional approaches to their problem.  One in particular was a little girl who had suffered from seizures her entire life.

That little girl NEVER suffered a backache.  But, she DID suffer.  Her mother had NO INSURANCE.  And if she had to pay the same fee that folks with insurance coverage paid, she simply could not have afforded the care.  But, her chiropractor had a fee system that allowed her to get the care she needed at a price that was affordable and predictable.

Part of the problem people have with chiropractors is that they don’t always know what we do! Some try to fix back pain, while others sell supplements or various other devices.  Some wear white coats (some even drape a stethoscope over their neck) and exclaim, “We’re REAL doctors, too!”  Most claim that what we do can help you get and stay healthy.  But, FEW can (or will) tell you in a few words what it is we really do.

Here’s the truth about chiropractic! In it’s simplest form, chiropractic is the location and correction of a source of interference in how your body communicates with itself.  Specifically, we reduce stress on your central nervous system caused by slight misalignments of a bone (or bones) in your spine.  Because your nervous system runs your whole body and affects EVERY aspect of your life, that stress can affect your health, thinking and emotions.  When a chiropractor does what he/she is supposed to do, your body functions better. It simply can’t help BUT work better.

Most chiropractors will take your insurance.  But, when a doctor accepts your insurance it usually raises the cost of your care. There are many reasons why.  Just know it does.  I have an article on my blog about “The Case for Cash”.  Feel free to check it out.

At my practice, ALL we do is remove that stress that ONLY chiropractors are trained to find and correct. And because that’s all I do, it allows me to charge a fee that people can afford.  I also believe that if chiropractic is good for helping you GET BETTER it is also good for helping you STAY BETTER.  That’s why we encourage folks to include it in their lifestyle.

So, if I want you to include it in our lifestyle, shouldn’t I have a fee system that will allow you to do JUST that? Of course!  Isn’t THAT what they mean when they say “Put your money where your mouth is!”? A few years ago, I came up with the concept of “The Membership Practice” where you pay like you do for a health club membership.

We offer three (3) types of memberships. 1) Individual Visit Member: You pay a yearly fee of $100 and then you pay a reduced fee each time you come for a visit, a little more if you bring the rest of your family.  2) Monthly Practice Membership is a monthly investment that’s reasonable for almost any individual or family for unlimited care.  This plan is designed to help you fit routine chiropractic adjustments into your lifestyle without breaking the bank.  Yearly Practice Memberships work out to be about half of what the monthly plan would be and offers the same benefits as the monthly plan, only at a great savings.

Why would I offer my services at such a ridiculous value? I’m glad you asked.  At my office, we are dedicated to helping folks achieve their health goals in a way that saves them time, money and hassle.  My goal is to help as many people as I possibly can!  If I help you AND give you a great value, aren’t you more likely to tell someone else who could benefit from chiropractic?  Of course you are.

So, here’s what I’d like for you to do.  Please forward this post to a friend who could stand to feel better and be better TODAY!  The very best time to do something good for someone is when the idea pops into your mind. Thanks for taking time to read this message and for passing it on.

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The View from Outside the Box

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on December 28, 2008

Surely you’ve heard the term “Think outside the boc”.  I first heard th term in a business workshop way back in the 70s.  We were told to put the following drawing on a piece of paper and told to connect all the dots with four STRAIGHT lines WITHOUT lifting our pencil off the paper.


It was amazing the gyrations we all went through to get the assignment done.  Well, there were a couple of folks who had seen the exercise done before.  Otherwise, no one had even a clue how to solve the puzzle.  Then the instructor proceeded to show us how the puzzle was solved:


As we all now know, the ONLY solution for the problem was to draw outside the (imaginary) box created by the dots.  What an awesome metaphor for many (most) of the problems facing our society at this point in time, including the economy, world affairs, politics, education and healthcare.  In fact, many of the problems we face have become SO institutionalized and entrenched that they can NEVER be resolved with the same thinking that caused the problem in the first place.

Let’s consider just healthcare.  As far as any of us can remember, healthcare in this culture has been one of fighting disease.  We start at birth vaccinating kids against all sorts of diseases from routine childhood illnesses like chicken pox and measles to diptheria, smallpox, TB and polio.  As we age, the battle is joined against cancer, heart disease and now diabetes.  Now, we’re being attacked by chronic health problems ranging from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia to irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.  And, that says nothing about the proliferation of autoimmune disease.  And lest we forget Restless Leg Syndrome?

In essence, we’ve creasted a “disease managment” system instead of a HEALTH care system.  Drug companies seems to “discover” diseases that they just happen to have a “new” drug that treat THAT diease perfectly.  Unfortunately, that system of “care” has made going to the doctor and paying for it an almost impossible task.  Finally, we’ve reached the point where we’re looking to Government to take over health care.  I take little comfort in knowing that the same folks that are handling Social Security, Medicare, the IRS and Hurricane Katrina will now be taking care of our health decisions.

So, for these and other reasons, I opted out of the traditional Western approach to “health care” a long time ago.  I guess it’s been almost 20 years now that I haven’t taken a drug or gone to the doctor for anything but emergencies.  Well, I DO go to the chiropractor on a regular basis to get adjusted.   But, I don’t go for pain management or any kind of symptom control.   I thought it might be interesting to explain what it’s like on the other side of the healthcare fence looking in.

Even prior to my exposure to the wholistic lifestyle, I was somewhat leery of established Medicine and would only take an aspirin for an occasional headache or when my back problem would flare up.  And, until I got my back problem resolved, there was always a tube of Preparation H in the medicine cabinet.  I don’t rember the last time I took prescription drugs.  The last flu shot I got was in 1975 when Uncle Sam made me get one before letting me out of the Air Force.

The view from outside the box is interesting.  I don’t take drugs.  Period.  I don’t need them.  I don’t get sick.  I also don’t go to doctors.  It’s not that I don’t “believe” in them.  I just don’t need them.  Now, if I were involved in a car accident or broke a leg, I’d be the first to go to the ER because that’s where Medicine shines.  Otherwise, I just don’t need it.  I don’t have a cardiologist, proctologist, orthopedist, neurologist (although I’ve referred folks to a few) or even a General Practitioner.  Are there any of those even left?  Now, quite a few folks have asked me “What if…?”  And, my response is “What if…what?”  The point is I simply don’t live in that “disease” world.  I don’t know what ny blood pressure is or my cholesterol level or my bone density or if I have polyps.  I don’t care.

Because I know that we were designed to be healthy, my focus is on health, not disease.  I know that if I eat right, exercise, drink water, develop and maintain a good attitude and spiritual life, get adjusted and do those things that help build HEALTH, I’ve done all I can do.  And because of my fiath and what I know about health, I am not afraid of living or dying.

When I look inside the box, I see folks living in fear of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.  Their lives are consumed running from disease.  And, by the time many folks are 60 they have those little boxes with pills for every day of the week.  They run to the doctor every time they have a cold or a symptom.   Some folks I know spend almost a thousand bucks a month on “health” insurance that typically covers far less than people really need.  Health costs has virtually driven American automakers out of business.  Even folks with “good” insurance aren’t immune to the fear of disease.  In fact, I know several millionaires who suffer from anxiety attacks and the same diseases that afflict the poor.

The main difference in the perspectives on either side of the box is fear.  From the inside, fear rules and limits one’s fullest expression and enjoyment of life.  From outside the box, a sense of peace about health is the rule rather than the exception.  Now, I’m not necessarily telling folks to cancel their insurance and shoot their doctors.  But what I am saying is that there is another way to view health and life.  In a later post, I’ll talk more about inspired living.  Until then, consider all your alternatives.

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Teach a man to fish. . .

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 20, 2008

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime”.  Nothing could be more true about most things in life.

In the health care business, we tend to simply identify a problem and tell the patient what to do.  Then, we wait around until their next crisis pops up, identify the problem, fix it and wait for the next problem.  But, it just seems that something is wrong with that picture.  Granted, it might be great for the long-term income potential of a the healthcare provider, the drug companies and hospital groups.  But, is it really an effective way for the health consumer to spend his/her time or money?  Obviously not.

One of the things I enjoy about my practice is that I try to help people understand WHY they’re having some of the problems they’re having and show them HOW they can prevent the problem from coming back.  As they become responsible for understanding how their own body works and how to build health, they have less need for doctors of all types, including me.

Ironically, as my clients’ understanding of what health is, where it comes from and how it can be built and maintained, they become long-term wellness clients with fewer and fewer health crises.  Their medical bills tend to shrink over time and their life improves dramatically.

Funny thing is, that once these folks commit to coming in on a regular basis, they need less, their visits are shorter and they refer people that want better lives instead of just getting through the day.

If you or someone you know has been looking for a better approach to getting and staying healthy, subscribe to my blog or better yet find a good wellness chiropractor and get started.  If you’re in the northwest metro Atlanta area, I’d love to help you.  If you’re not, I’ll help you find someone.

Good luck!

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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on January 13, 2008

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been treated to the so-called Mitchell report identifying several Major League stars that had used performance enhancing drugs. The report was received with a collective yawn by most Americans. Many were shocked by the seeming apathy at what many consider “cheating” by using steroids or human growth hormone.

But how could we be surprised by the public’s “so what” reaction to the allegations. For years, owners simply turned their back while MLB was enjoying growing fan interest with the home run race between Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. Better hitters and faster pitchers are good for the game, right? And, what would the player’s union say? After all, more fans and more revenue for MLB mean bigger salaries and prolonged careers for its members. As a fan of Aaron, Mays, Rose, Koufax, Clemente and so many other greats of the past, I’m disgusted and have decided to all but ignore professional sports altogether.

In a society where children from the age of two are given the equivalent of cocaine (Ritalin, Adderol, etc.) supposedly to help them do better in school by suppressing “symptoms” of ADD/ADHD. As adults, we take pills for potency (Viagra, Cialis, etc) or pills to sleep or for depression and anxiety. In fact, our society seems to be based on the premise of “better living through chemistry”. “Whatever it takes” is the mantra of today’s American athlete. Heck, maybe that’s one of the problems facing our entire culture. We’re so bent on winning that we’ve cast aside corny virtues like integrity, hard work and sportsmanship.

There was a time when Americans ridiculed Eastern Bloc countries for using steroids to boost their performance in the Olympics. But then again, that was before the USA decided to use professional basketball, baseball and hockey players to ensure winning Olympic medals. I wonder how many Americans relish the specter of American amateur athletes winning the gold medal in hockey or basketball, any more. I hardly even watch the Olympics these days.

But, unless we’re willing to clean up the rest of society, why the double standard for MLB players? Professional sports in some ways merely reflect social mores. Maybe we’ll eventually get the idea that how we play the game and how we live our own lives are more important than the instant gratification of hollow victory. Real victory is an expression of who you are deep inside and reflects the training, dedication and endurance of one who really loves who they are and what they do. Honor, principle and the game itself are far more important any statistic or season.

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