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The Membership Practice: Walmart and Unlimited Chiropractic Care

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on January 17, 2011

Some people just don’t like Walmart.  But, LOTS of people obviously DO like Walmart.  In fact, in less than 50 years Walmart has become the largest corporation in the world.

Walmart is the world’s largest corporation for one reason, value.  Sam Walton’s little business became a BIG business because their prices were just a shade lower than their competition’s.  As a result, the average American family shops at Walmart EVERY week for the typical stuff you could buy at any grocery store or hardware store or clothing store.  Granted, no one goes to Walmart for specialty items or designer clothing.

While the typical prejudice is that Walmart serves only low-income families, actual research shows that the retailer has a growing high-income clientele that shops there for their store brand items for even greater savings.  In other words, intelligent, informed consumers shop there to save money on items they purchase on a routine basis where name brands are not necessary and the saving sis appreciated.

Which brings me to The Membership Practice, a concept in chiropractic that provides individuals and families with access to chiropractic care at affordable fees without the need for insurance.  In fact The Membership Practice model offers unlimited chiropractic care at a low monthly fee deducted from your credit/debit card.  The business model is based on long-term maintenance and wellness care.  The assumption is that the average user of wellness-based chiropractic care will get checked an average of once a week.  At Langley Chiropractic Office (in Marietta, GA) the monthly fee is $69 for an individual and $129 for an entire family.

While some practitioners complain that the fees is too low and cheapens the profession’s image, my response is “baloney!”.  The concept actually enables chiropractors to help more people get the regular care that helps families stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office.  Fewer trips to the doctor’s office means money saved that can go to other needs the family may have like vacation, retirement, braces, etc.  Just like Walmart’s new slogan ““Saving people money so they can live better lives”, The Membership Practice aims to lower the barriers to families having affordable access to routine chiropractic care anywhere in the United States.

Heck, I can even see The Membership Practice in all 6000 or so Walmart stores across America!  What a great deal for Walmart, chiropractors and the public.  Imagine getting the family adjusted once a week when they go to Walmart or 500-1000 new customers going shopping at Walmart when they go for their weekly adjustments. Imagine 12-15,000 fully employed chiropractors earning a good living as they adjust hundreds or thousands of folks each week.  And, imagine the money and lives saved because of the number of Americans taking fewer drugs and making fewer visits to the doctor’s office because of their new-found health.

The vision of The Membership Practice is that every man, woman and child in America has access to quality, affordable chiropractic care.  Insurance is hardly affordable for chiropractic care these days.  IF the average American is to have ready access to regular chiropractic care, it is imperative that the profession find ways to make it available.  And honestly, I’ve always believed the free market is where the solution to rising health care costs would be found.

Look for The Membership Practice near you.  If you don’t have one, let me know.  I’ll help you find one.  And, maybe one day you’ll even find them in your local Walmart store.

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My Chiropractic Blue Ocean Strategy

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on May 3, 2010

One of my favorite business books is Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim.  In the book, Kim relates marketing products to the competition for fish in the shallow waters near the shore.  You’ve got fishermen and predators churning the waters for a limited supply of easy prey.  So what happens is that competition is stiff and eventually the sharks begin to attack and prey on themselves.  However, as you go further out to deep waters (the blue ocean) the supply is plentiful and the competition almost non-existent.  My profession, chiropractic, is like that, too.

Business is alot like that, too.  Especially in my profession where we have somewhere between 50-60,000 chiropractors competing for 7-10% of the population who regularly use chiropractors for back pain and neuromuscular problems.  Further still, chiropractors (as a profession) has tried to fit itself within a traditional allopathic approach to healthcare, dependent on third party reimbursement systems like insurance, personal injury, Workman’s Compensation and Medicare/Medicaid.  In so doing, they ensured that their competition is expanded to orthopedists, neurologists, physical therapists and even massage therapists.  Needless to say, the waters get chummed up pretty badly leaving lots of wounded practitioners, causing many to leave the profession altogether.

However, chiropractic in its founding was not as much a specific cure for anything.  Instead, it’s power was in removing a major source of interference in the proper function of the nervous system, THE master control system for your entire body.  When this interference is reduced, you simply function better.  You perceive your environment more clearly.  Your body perceives itself better.  You function at a higher level in every aspect of your life.  When that happens, you’re healthier, happier and simply are living life closer to your God-given potential.

So from my perspective, by staying in the shallow water of back pain and neuromuscular conditions, chiropractors confine themselves to selling you based on your weakness instead of your power.  Their marketing strategies are designed more to scare you into their offices instead of inspiring you into your own health and personal power.  Fee systems are based on what your insurance company will pay, which in many cases includes added charges for a variety of outside modalities.  So instead of a fee system that allows you to include chiropractic care as part of a lifestyle choice for you and your family, you get billed as much as possible for the limited number of visits allowed by your insurance carrier.

In the chiropractic blue ocean, people seek out the chiropractor to help them and their family feel better, work better and live better.  Just like the long term benefits of exercise, you are healthier and feel better.  You no longer need to go to your MD as much simply because you don’t get sick or hurt nearly as often.  You don’t think twice about your regular visits to the chiropractor because it’s just part of what you do.  Further, this new strategy includes a fee system that is based on lifetime wellness care instead of short term crisis care.  Somewhat like your health club membership, it rewards you for regular use both in financial and health benefits.  In my office, that fee is an annual fee that is less than your typical out-of-pocket costs with a standard health insurance policy.

One of the prejudices some people have about us chiropractors is that we want you to keep coming for the rest of your life.  OF COURSE WE DO!  We want you to enjoy your life, ALL OF IT from now on!

One of my mentors often asked “What is your profession?  What do you profess?”  I profess wellness and wholeness.  My fees are merely an extension of my profession.  I am neither a medical doctor or physical therapist.  I AM a chiropractor that helps you get the most out of your life for the rest of your life.  There’s room out here in the deep water to swim and play without fear of being eaten by the sharks.  Come on out!


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Why Chiropractic Education Sucks!

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on March 16, 2010

It’s overpriced, overrated and fails to prepare practitioners for the reality of chiropractic practice.

Now, that’s gonna leave a mark!  I can hear it now from the chiropractic colleges, from the accrediting authority, the national associations and hundreds (maybe thousands) of chiropractors around the country.  Sadly, though, it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong.  chiropractic students learn ALOT in their three and a half years of professional school.  The problem is that much of it is simply the wrong stuff.  Granted,anyone whose profession deals with the human body should be well educated in the sciences and a significant understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body.  With that part of the program, I have no problem, whatsoever.

My beef with the education being foisted on fledgling chiropractors is that it is way too heavy in medical diagnosis and way too light on the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic.  I’d venture to say that the bulk of new chiropractors see themselves as “drugless medical doctors” specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal ailments.  Very few chiropractic schools even teach the principles on which the profession was founded, specifically that vitalistic understanding that chiropractic is about what is RIGHT with a person’s health and how to restore HEALTH instead of fighting disease and ailments like our medical counterparts.

Further, through political prowess, monopoly power and intimidation, the profession’s sole accrediting authority has made chiropractic so expensive that few graduating chiropractors can achieve even moderate success.  Some chiropractors are now graduating with a debt load of almost a quarter of a million dollars.  Even worse is the fact that in most states, much of what chiropractors are taught in school is ILLEGAL for them to practice without a medical license.  So what often happens is that the chiropractor is forced to add all sorts of modalities to his/her practice rendering it so eclectic that no one knows what they heck they really do.  Many DCs find themselves chasing ambulances and personal injury attorneys or prostituting themselves to run up insurance bills again like some of our medical brethren.

Look, chiropractic in its purest form is very simple to practice but has very wide implications.  Practitioners could be properly trained in a year’s less time of professional school and without much of the burdensome prerequisites.  A thorough understanding of  the body; its  structure and function; the proper application of chiropractic analysis, technique and philosophy; and sound business practices and ethics would better equip the doctor of chiropractic to succeed in practice from the beginning.

Given the uncertain nature of the status quo in the American healthcare system, the doctor of chiropractic must be able to practice in a cash only, retail environment instead of dependent on third party reimbursement.  Tomorrow’s chiropractor must understand what chiropractic CAN DO and what the chiropractor should NOT do.  They should FULLY understand and respect the difference between the MD and DC.  Failure to properly prepare future chiropractors for the reality of practice AND economic realities of the market will cause student load default rates that could cause the closing of several chiropractic colleges AND affect the amount of student loan money available to chiropractic students.

One added benefit of a more narrow focus of chiropractic education would be a better, clearer branding of the profession so that the public knows EXACTLY what ANY chiropractor is trained to do.  Simply put, the chiropractor will understand that their role would be to help people restore their health and maintain it simply by removing a significant source of stress on their nervous system.

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Chiropractic: Truth in Advertising

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on June 5, 2009

When I heard the call to become a chiropractor, it was NOT necessarily to fix backaches and strains. It was because I had seen lives literally saved, or at least changed, after all hope had been lost pursuing traditional approaches to their problem.  One in particular was a little girl who had suffered from seizures her entire life.

That little girl NEVER suffered a backache.  But, she DID suffer.  Her mother had NO INSURANCE.  And if she had to pay the same fee that folks with insurance coverage paid, she simply could not have afforded the care.  But, her chiropractor had a fee system that allowed her to get the care she needed at a price that was affordable and predictable.

Part of the problem people have with chiropractors is that they don’t always know what we do! Some try to fix back pain, while others sell supplements or various other devices.  Some wear white coats (some even drape a stethoscope over their neck) and exclaim, “We’re REAL doctors, too!”  Most claim that what we do can help you get and stay healthy.  But, FEW can (or will) tell you in a few words what it is we really do.

Here’s the truth about chiropractic! In it’s simplest form, chiropractic is the location and correction of a source of interference in how your body communicates with itself.  Specifically, we reduce stress on your central nervous system caused by slight misalignments of a bone (or bones) in your spine.  Because your nervous system runs your whole body and affects EVERY aspect of your life, that stress can affect your health, thinking and emotions.  When a chiropractor does what he/she is supposed to do, your body functions better. It simply can’t help BUT work better.

Most chiropractors will take your insurance.  But, when a doctor accepts your insurance it usually raises the cost of your care. There are many reasons why.  Just know it does.  I have an article on my blog about “The Case for Cash”.  Feel free to check it out.

At my practice, ALL we do is remove that stress that ONLY chiropractors are trained to find and correct. And because that’s all I do, it allows me to charge a fee that people can afford.  I also believe that if chiropractic is good for helping you GET BETTER it is also good for helping you STAY BETTER.  That’s why we encourage folks to include it in their lifestyle.

So, if I want you to include it in our lifestyle, shouldn’t I have a fee system that will allow you to do JUST that? Of course!  Isn’t THAT what they mean when they say “Put your money where your mouth is!”? A few years ago, I came up with the concept of “The Membership Practice” where you pay like you do for a health club membership.

We offer three (3) types of memberships. 1) Individual Visit Member: You pay a yearly fee of $100 and then you pay a reduced fee each time you come for a visit, a little more if you bring the rest of your family.  2) Monthly Practice Membership is a monthly investment that’s reasonable for almost any individual or family for unlimited care.  This plan is designed to help you fit routine chiropractic adjustments into your lifestyle without breaking the bank.  Yearly Practice Memberships work out to be about half of what the monthly plan would be and offers the same benefits as the monthly plan, only at a great savings.

Why would I offer my services at such a ridiculous value? I’m glad you asked.  At my office, we are dedicated to helping folks achieve their health goals in a way that saves them time, money and hassle.  My goal is to help as many people as I possibly can!  If I help you AND give you a great value, aren’t you more likely to tell someone else who could benefit from chiropractic?  Of course you are.

So, here’s what I’d like for you to do.  Please forward this post to a friend who could stand to feel better and be better TODAY!  The very best time to do something good for someone is when the idea pops into your mind. Thanks for taking time to read this message and for passing it on.

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Some doctors may stop giving vacines because of cost

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on December 1, 2008

Almost lost in the news of the day is the fact that up to 10% of doctors are decidig NOT to offer vaccinations because private insurance reimbursements make that service unprofitable.  Hmmm.  I thought vaccinations were SO important that they have been mandated in every state with only religious or medical exemptions.

Maybe this story is telling us that the ones benefitting most from compulsory vaccination programs are doctors’ offices.  Either the insurance companies don’t believe completely in the value of vaccination OR the docotr doesn’t.  Either way, shouldn’t health consumers have the right to question the efficacy of today’s vaccine regime for their kids and families?

Here’s the link to the story.

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How might the financial market crisis affect your healthcare?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on October 7, 2008

Good question.  Probably NOT the first thing folks think about when they hear and read reports about the (almost $1 TRILLION) Government bailout of the financial industry.  However, this nonsense will ripple throughout our entire economic sytem with repercussions not yet considered by our “leaders”.

The real estate, banking, securities and insurance industries are all linked in a variety of ways.  In good times, insurance companies are flush with cash and invest heavily in the stock market and real estate.  Also during good times, bankers tend to get a little over-enthusiastic and get very aggressive in their lending.  As we have seen from this “bailout” madness, securities firms speculated on the value of real estae and bought and sold essentially worthless mortgage backed securities in astounding volumes.

As the market turned, all of these entities became less liquid and started pulling in their horns.  If it were just one bank, or securities firm or insurance company, there would be virtually no problem as a result.  However, everybody involved started pulling back at the same time and in a drastic way.  The result is what we are seeing right now,  a liquidity crisis throughout the financial industry.

So, just how will all this affect your healthcare?  Good question.  Specifically with insurance companies, I think you’ll see a few things happen.  As they try to improve their liquidity, I think you’ll see premiums increase while payouts are tightened.  In other words, t’s going to cost you more to have insurance AND it will pay you even less than before IF they pay, at all.  You can expect underwriting criteria to get insurance to get much toughr.  You may see your healthcare providers ask you to pay up front and have your insurance company reimburse ou directly.

So, how might you deal with this scenario?  One alternative might be to purchase a higher deductible insurance policy.  Another would be to think twice about even using your insurance.  Isn’t THAT a heck of a note?  Pay out the nose for insurance and not be able to use it.  Still another might be to seek out providers that operate on a cash basis and offer reasonable fees based on what YOU need instead of what your insurance policy might pay.

However you decide to deal with this situation in the banking and finance industry, you should keep your debt down and try to manage your expenses as much as possible.  Stay healthy and on the job.  If you need to find a good chiropractor to help you stay healthy and on the job, just let me know.  I have friends that can help you stay on the job AND save money while doing so.  Best wishes.

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The “next” bailout will be the healthcare (?) industry

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on October 1, 2008

Given the current hysteria over the Government “bailout” of the financial industry, we tend to lose sight of other potential problems on the horizon.  Now that the Government has injected itself into “saving” whole industries, we should not be surprised when traditional healthcare systems in this country start clamoring for the government to bail them out, as well.

The following article indicates that one estimate is that problems caused by hospitals (not related to the reason for being in the hospital) accounts for over 12% of total legal liability costs of healthcare facilities in 2007.  As you know, hospitals bill your insurance company for these so-called “never events” AND GET PAID!

As other insurance carriers follow Medicare’s lead and refuse to pay for these “never events”, I think you’ll see these facilities and even the AMA and other groups calling for the Government to intervene.

How did we EVER get to the point where we PAID for doctors and hospitals to screw people up and NOT pay to get and keep them well?

Here’s the article:

Study: Never events major factor in hospital liability costs

According to new research by insurance firm Aon Corp., hospital-acquired conditions accounted for 12.2 percent of total legal liability costs insured by healthcare facilities in 2007. It is perhaps the first study to benchmark claims specific to “never events” affected by Medicare’s new policy of not paying for hospital-acquired conditions. (All four of the never events reviewed by Aon are covered by Medicare’s new policy.)

According to the study, one out of six claims against healthcare facilities were related to hospital-acquired infections, injuries, pressure ulcers and foreign objects left in the body after survey in 2007, according to the company’s 2008 Hospital Professional Liability and Physician Liability Benchmark Analysis. Of these, claims for injuries were most frequently reported of four hospital-acquired condition categories. Pressure ulcers were the most expensive for healthcare facilities, which cost them about $145,000 on average for claims per incident in 2007, Aon concluded.

To draw its conclusions, Aon analyzed almost 78,000 claims, relating to a total of $9.3 billion in incurred losses. The data included information from more than 1,200 facilities from 1998 to 2007.

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“We Accept ALL Cases. . .”

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 21, 2008

“. . . regardless of their physical condition or ability to pay.”

When I was first exposed to chiropractic, it was from the perspective that we were all designed to be healthy and to live a full and powerful life. Further, the concept was that we don’t as much need so much help from the outside (doctors, medicine, etc.) as we simply need less interference. And knowing what we know about health, it is really immoral to withhold care from someone either because they might have been “diagnosed” with some incurable disease OR because they simply did not have the financial wherewithal at the moment to pay for their care.

While I consider myself a free enterprise advocate, I frankly appalled at our health care system in America. It’s absolutely shocking to me that someone can be told that they MUST have a certain procedure BUT their insurance policy does not cover that particular procedure OR they have a “pre-existing condition” that nullifies their coverage. To me, it is simply unethical and immoral to withhold care essential to a person’s health and well-being for any conceivable reason. Of course that presumes that the person doesn’t have a death wish and is not continuing (or will not continue) to do those things that might have caused their health problem.

Because I practice from the premise that you are supposed to be healthy and that what I do can help your body function better REGARDLESS of what your diagnosis may be, I simply cannot withhold care from someone seeking it. Now, that doesn’t mean that I promise a cure for any and all disease whatsoever. It also doesn’t mean that mine is a free clinic. I do have a fee system based on a membership concept. You pay more by the visit than you would by the month or by the year. And, my fee system is designed to be more reasonable than those based on third party payment systems like insurance.

Obviously, there are a few problems with this mindset. Some folks will try to abuse the privilege and not want to pay when they can. Sometimes, I end up with more folks who can’t pay than those that can and it puts a strain on the budget. And sometimes, because someone is not paying the true value of the care they’re getting they don’t take the care seriously and don’t stick with the program long enough to get the full benefit of what I offer. But, I have found the intrinsic value of offering folks hope in the midst of their despair more than offsets any of these drawbacks.

I’m always reminded of the story in the Bible of the woman with the issue of blood. Everyone knows that she had no hope left and knew that if she could just touch the hem of the Master’s robe she would be healed. Well, most folks overlook the beginning of that story where all her money had been consumed by doctors treating her condition.

I’ve always believed that this world would be a much better place if we each would simply do what we can for as many as we can whenever we have the chance. If you’d like to make a donation so that we can continue to help people live a better, fuller life. I’d appreciate your consideration. Feel free to use Paypal or send your donation to Dr. Tim Langley, 2100 Roswell Road #200C-526, Marietta, GA 30062.

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Evolution of a Chiropractor

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 16, 2008

When I fist discovered chiropractic, it was due to a bad back that had tormented me for 20 years.  Since then, I haven’t had even an aspirin for back pain.

When I decided to become a chiropractor, it was because of a young girl whose life and miserable prognosis were literally transformed because of chiropractic care.  A little girl whose mom was told that her child should be institutionalized because she’d “never be like normal kids” is graduating from graduate school after receiving full academic scholarships for both undergrad and graduate school.  Indeed, she’s not like normal kids.  She’s incredibly superlative.

After graduating chiropractic school (Life University in Marietta, Georgia) I practiced exclusively as an upper cervical chiropractor.  I had great disdain for chiropractors that mixed things (physical therapy, etc.) other than chiropractic into their practice.  I was a “medical basher” because of the havoc I had seen wrought in people’s lives by virtue of medical errors and arrogance.

It’s funny how time, experience and awareness tend to take the edge off subjectivity.  Does that mean that I think physical therapy is any more beneficial to the chiropractic patient, that upper cervical care is no longer the best approach or that the practice of medicine is no longer dangerous?  Of course not!

All of those things are STILL true.  However, that is only MY perspective.  I’ve come to realize that the determination of what care an individual gets SHOULD be THAT individual.  AND that individual deserves as much accurate information as he/she can get.  It is my job as a chiropractor to communicate BETTER that chiropractic care can help people live better, fuller lives less dependent on dangerous drugs.  It’s even more important that I do those things over which I have some control, those being communication of MY message and giving the very best adjustments I can while educating folks on the power they have to control their health, their happiness and the conduct of their own lives.

I’ve come to realize that you CAN see your medical doctor and me at the same time.  Getting adjusted has nothing to do with what your MD might recommend.  When I accepted the premise that I can help you regardless of what condition you may have or what kind of insurance coverage you might (or might not) have, practice became simpler and easier.

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American Healthcare: A Failed Paradigm

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on March 3, 2008

One of the overriding issues in America is health care. It affects virtually every aspect of domestic policy, including politics, business, the economy and personal lives of Americans from the poor to the very rich.

Sadly, in this current political season the answer seems to NOT be on solutions other than offer us more of the same with so-called “universal coverage” for everyone.  In other words, the system we have now sucks, so everyone should suffer through it equally.  When I discuss this, my Conservative and Liberal friends respond with something like, “What do you mean?  We have the best health care system in the world!”  But still, both sides simply approach the problem as an insurance problem.  Too bad.

In my mind, the problem with health care in America is that the entire paradigm is flawed.   From birth, we’re indoctrinated into the disease model and that drugs can prevent or cure any mallady.  In other words, we must prevent and fight disease.

So, we start babies off with “their shots”.  While I believe vaccination should be a matter of choice, the number and types of shots recommended for babies and toddlers really is an assault on their developing immune system and is downright scary.  Then throughout their early school years, many kids are “diagnosed” with ADD/ADHD and given narcotics grade drugs to force them to sit still so they can do better in school.  And then (ironically)  complain about athletes taking drugs to enhance their performance.  Strange.

As we enter adulthood, we’re convinced that giving birth is a traumatic and dangerous event that must be handled strictly in a medical setting.  Why aren’t women in modern America told that giving birth is a natural, beautiful thing for which they were uniquely designed.  Instead of empowering women to do what they were naturally designed for, we scare them into compliance with a pathological, allopathic model of childbirth.

Further into adulthood, Americans are checked routinely for cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other chronic conditions.  And when measures creep outside established norms, they’re put on medications to force that particular reading to what the doctor thinks is right.  Unfortunately, every drug has a side effect.  And, we Americans hardly ever ask our doctors “What is in this drug?” or “What are some potential side effects of this drug?” or “How will this affect me with the other drugs I’m taking?”  Instead, we simply comply.

Then as we enter middle age, we start seeing problems like liver and kidney failure, congestive heart failure, etc. and become regular visitors to the local hospital.  As the drugs either no longer work or our bodies start to shut down from weird symptoms that can’t easily be classified, we begin to “doctor shop” to find someone who can come up with an accurate diagnosis.

Eventually, we end up in a nursing home being given dozens of different drugs and put through untold numbers of tests until our bodies finally give in and give up.  From birth to death we are taught to fear and fight fever, vomit and diarrhea.  And because our focus is on disease, we create disease.  Two of the largest and most profitable industries in America just happen to be insurance and drug companies.  have you noticed all the new “diseases” being advertised on TV, like “Restless Leg Syndrome”, GERD and a host of others?  And, have you checked to see how much money those industries invest in advertising and political lobbying?

So, what’s the solution?  Well first, we must recognize that our entire premise is wrong from the start.  Just like our education system and tax code, we need a whole new way of thinking.  Maybe it was Einstein who said “No problem can be solved with the same level of thinking that created the it in the first place”.

Instead of a system that makes someone else responsible for finding or preventing a disease; or your employer (or worse, the Government) paying for your “health” insurance; or expecting Medicare/Medicaid to pay for your dying care, we should give individuals responsibility for their own health.

In a wellness paradigm, you start with the premise that you’re supposed to be healthy!  Instead of sitting around watching TV, eating junk food and smoking cigarettes, we encourage folks to exercise, stay fit, eat better and do those things that keep them healthy and out of harm’s way.  Instead of a mangled care system that minimize the time you spend with “a” doctor, you find the doctor that’s right for you and develop the kind of relationship that makes you  healthier and gives you greater control over your health and your life.

After all, this is STILL America, “home of the FREE and land of the BRAVE”!  The American pioneer spirit has always been responsible for our strength and prosperity.  We should get rid of this “plantation mentality” where the Government or an employer should take care of us.  As one writer wrote, “you are endowed with the seed of greatness”.  By realizing and pursuing that greatness in every aspect of life in America, we can restore our nation’s health and vitality and reduce our dependence on drug makers and insurance companies.

Live the very best life you can.  Don’t give your freedom and power to anyone!

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