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Love, Fear and Your Health

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on October 5, 2010

Sometimes we get so caught up in the way of the world that we tend to forget some simple truths.  “Scientific” studies are always pointing out ways to treat one condition or the other.  Other “scientific” studies tell us what’s bad for our health.  Yet over time, those “scientific” studies are often shown to have been somewhat errant either in their results, their assumptions or their methods.  We even find that some “scientific” studies are even designed to scare us into buying in to a mindset of fear, sickness and disease that can make us timid, fearful consumers of drugs, treatments and various protections.  To me, this is appalling.

As a former American President once said “All we have to fear is fear itself.”  Nothing could be more accurate.   think about fear for a moment.  When you’re scared, what do you do?  You contract into a defensive posture.  When you stay in a contracted state, you become stiff, inflexible.  Over time, you lose the ability to react to life’s situations appropriately.  Accumulated inappropriate responses causes your body and your life to break down.  Eventually, things start to fall apart.  Finally, you succumb to a lifetime of fearful reactions.  Disease and death overtake you.  In other words, you may live a long time, but you don’t really “live”.  Instead, you die a little every day over a lifetime.  Miserable. Scary.

Let’s look at the other end of the spectrum, love or faith.  What happens when you love?  You open yourself to a world of opportunity and joy and experience.  You grow.  You become flexible and adaptable to life’s situations and challenges.  There’s a passage in the Bible that says “Perfect love casts out fear.”  So when you decide to look for what is good in your life, your body and your relationships, you begin to live expansively.  Life’s challenges become opportunities.  Instead of thinking about death ad disease, your focus is on life and wholeness and health and happiness.  True “science” has shown that stress (or fear) causes heart disease, cancer, strokes, ulcers and chronic and autoimmune disease.  Ask yourself, “What would the opposite cause?”  The answer, of course, is health, wellness, wholeness, happiness and joy.

Life is not always easy.  And, it’s impossible to be happy with every outcome.  But, I will tell you that if you love life, life will love you back.   Open yourself to all that life has to offer.  Look with suspicion at anyone who tries to sell you on fear.  Always question their motives and their methods.  Ponder the magnificence and perfection of Nature and always doubt that anyone could improve on its Design.  And when you do, you will see that perfect love casts out fear.  Be well.

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“I love you”. Say it, often.

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on July 30, 2008

I heard from old high school friend earlier this week.  She said her 1st born child died unexpectedly.  While the cause has not yet been determined, they believe it might have been an anuerism.  Needless to say, my friend was devastated.  After all, her daughter was only 34 years old and still had a long life ahead of her.

One of a parent’s greatest fears is that they might survive one of their own children.  I know for me, the thought alone is unbearable.  But, what would seem even worse is that something like that might happen without notice and with things left unsaid and unresolved.

In my practice, I’ve seen folks with strange symptoms and syndromes that seem to be tied to the loss of a loved one many years earlier.  They live in constant remorse over not having resolved a problem from the past or simply not being able to say “I love you” one more time.

For your health.  For your peace.  For the ones you love.  Never miss an opportunity to share your love with them.  We only get to live life today and have absolutely no promises of tomorrow.  As the Bible says, “Don’t let the sun set on your anger”.  As you’re reading this, a specific person has come to mind.  Call that person right now.  Let them know.  Tell them while you can.  It beats trying to communicate once their spirit has left their body.

I love you.

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