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One Way to Save Christmas: Give It to the Kids!

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on December 25, 2008

Over the last two decades, I’ve played Santa Claus in a variety of situations, mostly for kids at family and office gatherings.  One thing I’ve always found is that Santa always makes people (big and small) loosen up and smile.

Certainly, there are those little kids that are scared out of their wits at this odd looking creature with white hair and a bright red suit trying to get them to sit on his lap.  It must be like seeing a spaceship land in your yard and being open to an invitation to come on board.  Anyway, I’ve come to learn that you can’t force them to overcome their natural fears.  But over time, the loosen up and find that part of the celebration of Christmas to be quite fun and joyous.

Like you, I’ve watched the secularization of Christmas to the point where some retailers are ever reluctant to say or even advertise “Merry Christmas” to their customers when clearly 80-90% of their annual sales are made specifically for Christmas.  At the same time, some of my Christian brethren take a very hard stance on Christmas even to the point of NOT letting their kids participate in the Santa fantasy and even telling them at a very young age there really isn’t a Santa Clause.

As a proud evangelical Christian, I must confess that I think this hardline approach does more to HURT the real meaning of Christmas than to help it.  I know that may seem strange.  So let me explain.

In America (and maybe most of the free world) we learn about Christmas as little children.  We’re taught from about two years of age that Christmas means gifts and toys and Santa.  Only as we approach 10 to 12 years old do we “find out about Santa”.  Usually, it’s a gradual thing.  And, gradual is good because it gives mom and dad a chance to expose their kids to the real meaning of Christmas.  Even agnostics and atheists end up explaining the religious meaning of Christmas to their kids.

This gradual learning does two things that I think make Christmas special and will protect it forever against the secular and retail onslaught.  From our earliest memories, we learn the joy of receiving a gift we’ve longed for for months.  As we grow older, we learn the joy of giving to others and the satisfaction of seeing our gifts received in the spirit in which it was given.

By cementing the value of giving and receiving at such an early age, kids ntutrally develop an appreciation for the Gift God gave the World.  Having a perspective on love that only time and experience can provide, kids grow to know the joy of Christmas.

So, instead of cursing the darkness of secularism and retail madness during the  Christmas season, I encourage you to be joyful, give willfully and joyfully, but not in an obligatory way, at all.  But most of all, give your love, share your joy and watch how the spirit of Christmas will grow both in your world and in the world at large.

Christmas is too big to be killed or even harmed UNLESS you allow it to die inside you and deprive your kids of all the joys big and small it brings.

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Chiropractic vs. Medicne: A Spiritual Perspective

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on November 12, 2008

Spirituality is one of those subjects that is sometimes difficult to talk about openly.  So many folks have so many different perspectives that it’s hard to have your message heard by your entire audience.  It gets even more difficult to discuss spirituality as it relates to health and healing.  The prvailing “wisdom” for a few centuries now is that spirituality and “scientific” medicine are two mutually exclusive subjects.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  I honeslty believe that your health is directly tied to how you view life in general and your health, specifically. In addition to your own perspective on health is that of your doctor.

Let me explain.  In our culture, we have seentially two schools of thought.  The one says, “We must identify, treat and prevent disease as early and aggressively, as possible.  And, those conditions we can’t prevent or cure, we must manage for the rest of a patient’s life.  The other perspective says, “You were designed to be healthy.  Your natural state is health.  The best way to fight and prevent dsease is to make sure your body fuctions at its highest potential at all times.”

Although some may consider these different perspectives as subtle, even non-existent, they’re not subtle, whatsoever!  They’re as different as “runing fro’re” and running to”.  You can only run from something that is chasing you until you finally collapse and succumb to the chase.  On the other hand, if you’re pursuing a goal or chasing a dream, you’ll move in that direction every opportunity you get.  And if you’re diligent enough, you’ll eventually get it!

Medical doctors are trained to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions.  When you go there, they’re looking for problems.  When you live in that realm, your focus is primarily on sickness, infirmity and disease. Even if you’re not sick, many folks find their doctor will make recommendations to prevent some dreaded event like stroke or cancer or osteoporosis.  What this ends up doing is to place you in the mode of running from something you don’t want to happen.  However, it keeps your mind focused on what you DON’T want to happen!  And, I believe that what you think about eventually comes about.

Chiropractors, generally, look for a source of interference in how your body works and tries to simply correct the problem.  When that happens, you express HEALTH not merely an absence of disease.  When that happens, you need fewer (or NO) drugs.  Your body resists colds, the flu and more serious ailments.  When you focus on health and stregth, you NATURALLY avoid many of the health problems millions of Americans end up running TO over their lifetime.

In closing, Iwant you to FOCUS on HEALTH not disease.  And, find a doctor and/or chiropractor that will help you do just that!

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Why I work on Good Friday

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on March 18, 2008

I work on Good Friday.  As long as I’ve been self-employed, I have.  I’m also a practicing Christian.  An unashamed Evangelical Christian, at that.  So you may ask “Why in the world would you work on Good Friday and not observe its significance?” But, I DO observe the significance of Good Friday BY working on that day.

I try not to wear my Christianity on my sleeve.  Not trying to be self-righteous here.  But, I know plenty of folks who show off their religiosity like crazy in public and make up for it when no one is looking.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m far from perfect and would not want anyone to use me as an example of the “perfect Christian”.  But, I do try to live my faith in an active way.

A friend asked me some time ago how, despite having gone through some extremely tough times, how I could still have joy and peace of mind.  He mentioned that he doubted he could do the same without some help.  It was awesome being able to relate to him how I did not and could not have done as well as I had alone, either.

When I was young, the future did not look so bright.  Growing up in an abusive home with little hope but to get out someday, I was somewhat cynical about God and Jesus.  Sure, I KNEW who they were and what they were all about.  But, I didn’t buy into the whole “being saved” or “born again” thing.  It just seemed a little hokey and distant.  My life really sucked.  I had even gotten my parents to agree to allow me to enlist in the Marines when I turned 17 so that I could go to Vietnam and kill or be killed.  Needless to say, something was wrong.  It was like I was just disconnected from anything like happiness, joy or peace of mind.

Being from the South, it was not unusual to be invited to church with a friend or family member.  On one such occasion, the preacher talked about the sadness that many people feel because they simply feel they don’t belong or simply because they feel “lost”.  Lost.  Not as in sin.  Because most folks believe they’re pretty good people and don’t need to be “saved”.  But, lost in the sense that nothing works and you’re just disconnected from something you can’t quite identify.  That was when he talked about the prodigal son and how even being one of his father’s servants was better than sleeping and eating with pigs.  On seeing the son coming home, the father threw a feast for his son.  The preacher said, “Come home.  Just as you are, come home”.

Since that moment, I have known a connectedness that is impossible to relate adequately in words.  But, its significance isn’t lost on me OR folks with whom I come in contact on a regular basis.

All my life, I have gotten great satisfaction from helping others, specifically helping them feel better.  Sometimes, physically.  Sometimes, emotionally.  Many of the folks I help as a chiropractor suffer because deep inside they suffer from emotional stress and trauma.  It may be anger, fear, worry or doubt.  Nevertheless, their emotions affect their health.  And while most of them do come to alleviate physical suffering, many come back because something about my practice makes them feel at ease.

So, this brings me to Good Friday.   Good Friday represents the day Jesus was crucified.  On that day, all the wrong that I (and all of Mankind) had (and will have) done was paid for.  As brutal as human sacrifice may sound, we all know that doing wrong eventually carries a price.  And, that price was paid for on Good Friday.  When I think of Good Friday, I am able to bury the past and literally turn toward the life I really want to live, full of joy and peace of mind.  While I still must deal with the World, I do it on my terms and never alone.

So, I work on Good Friday.  I work just in case that one person who needs some physical or emotional healing comes in and asks, “Why are you so happy?”  I work so others might see God’s Grace shine through my joy and happiness.  I work on Good Friday, because I never have to be alone again and I want others to feel that joy, too.

Happy Easter!

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Healing Faith

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on March 14, 2008

The most powerful drug known to Mankind can’t be found in some exotic plant in the Rain Forest. Nor, is it a miracle of modern science. Nor, is it so expensive that only the rich can afford it.

In fact, the most powerful drug ever known is the sugar pill, the placebo. The efficacy, or effectiveness, of any drug is compared against the effects of the placebo. Only when it is shown that the new drug is better than nothing more than sugar (and a suggestion) is it approved for use on the consuming public. And, the great thing about the placebo is that it has NO side effects! And, it FREE!

Surely, it’s not the sugar in the pill that makes the placebo so powerful. Of course not. The power of the placebo is something already inside the patient. As much as “scientists” hate to admit it, the ingredient that makes the sugar pill so powerful is faith. Faith that the pill will actually work! Faith that healing is STILL available.

Several studies (“scientific” double blind studies) in recent years have shown that a doctor praying for his/her patients actually helps the patient heal faster and better than when no one prayed for the patient, at all. Other studies have shown that patients with a loving family and/or a strong spiritual life heal quicker and better, as well.

What is it about faith (or the “placebo effect”) that is so powerful? Is it simply hope? Or is there more? I believe it’s much more than mere hope. Hope implies that you’re not sure of a certain outcome, but willing to give it a try. OR, “I’ve tried everything else, so I might as well give this a try”. You might have some level of confidence in the science or technology behind a doctor’s recommendation. But, that’s about it.

Faith is much more. Faith is KNOWING that you will get the best outcome possible. So, you move forward with confidence that all the factors have aligned in your favor. When you ACT with faith and unwavering confidence, you improve your odds greatly.

BUT, there’s an essential element of faith that’s required to mobilize it in your healing, ACTION. It has been said that “Faith without action is dead”. I guess that says it all. By taking action toward your healing (or ANY objective for that matter) you exhibit your faith. When you take action, you’re actually telling your body to mobilize all its parts and mechanisms to do the job for which it was designed. You literally get out of the way and allow the mechanism to work.

This is not spiritual hocus pocus. Your body was designed for self-healing and self-repair. It KNOWS to rush blood to an injury. It KNOWS how and when to use the inflammatory response to begin the healing process. It KNOWS the right amount of what hormones and chemicals to dispense for ANY given situation. Unfortunately we often impede (or delay) our own healing many times with outside interventions.

Here’s the point. You were designed to be healthy, to heal and to be whole. Not using your faith is like trying to wash your car without using water or not taking your sponge out of its wrapper. You just make things harder for yourself.

So, how do you use your faith ACTIVELY? Pray for your healing. And when you pray, DON’T BEG! Ask, knowing that it already done. In other words, give thanks for the healing that you’ve already received just not yet revealed. Healing is a process. It takes time! Give it time! Then start doing the things you would do IF you were healed. Again, behave as you would were you already healed. Study health and healing. Understand the symptoms of healing. That’s right. There are symptoms that reveal that healing is taking place. Unfortunately, many of those symptoms are treated as signs of pathology. ow sad that the very signs of healing can be interpreted as just the opposite. Finally, rejoice. Celebrate in advance of the physical evidence of your healing. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel simply by accepting your gift of healing.

In closing, I want to urge you to use your faith actively in all aspects of your life. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish merely by believing YOU CAN! You were designed to do and be greater than you’ve ever been allowed to believe you could be. I honestly believe that you were designed to imagine possibilities. And IF you can imagine it, you can have it. BUT, you MUST believe. And as has been said “Your faith has made you whole”.

May you prosper and be in good health!

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