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Are you funcioning in an altered state of consciousness?

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 27, 2014

You could be.

You already know that Americans take more drugs of any kind of any other country on the planet.  In fact, ALL the other countries in the World COMBINED take a mere fraction of the drugs that Americans do.  A large portion of those drugs are for diagnosed psychiatric conditions, including Depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.  Another large portion of those drugs are for pain and other symptoms, and some are taken for chronic health conditions.  Some are prescribed and some are bought over the counter. 

But there’s one thing they ALL have in common, they alter your (and your body’s) state of consciousness.  That’s right.  Every drug you take affects how you see the world.  And how you see the world, determines your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Look.  I’m not saying all medications are bad…in the short term.  What I AM saying is that drugs work BECAUSE they are designed to convince your body it either has something it’s not supposed to have or doesn’t have something it should.  In other words, drugs trick your body into behaving a certain way, whether that is altering chemical levels, suppressing normal immune function or directly affecting your brain and nervous system.

Without saying ANYTHING about all the potential hazards and side-effects posed by taking ANY drug, the long term affect of altering your body’s normal responses to even a single problem can be devastating.  Whether it’s diminished function of a particular system in the body or bad decision making or outright addiction, they all lead to a lower quality of life for you, your friends and associates, and your family members.  When you multiply that by the tens of millions of people taking drugs/medications, you can see the potential harm to an entire culture.

The thing I love most about Chiropractic is that it’s purpose is to help you function at a higher lever NO MATTER what your current circumstance may be.  And the longer you function at higher levels of awareness, the better your life can be.  Imagine how different your life would be right now and how much better it could be if you improved your thoughts, decisions and actions could improve by just 10%.  I think it would be remarkable.

Do what you can to get clean and stay clear.  Your life will thank you for it.

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The Friend Within

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on August 26, 2010

There’s a mechanism in all living things that we chiropractors call Innate Intelligence.  Don’t let it scare you.  It’s a name that we use to communicate about the concept that you were Designed to be healthy and powerful and there’s something that guides you toward your greatest good, at all times.  That’s why a great mentor called it “The Friend Within”.

Many of us falter in life because we fail to listen to and obey our “Friend Within”.  We know we should eat right,  exercise, work on our spiritual life, say “I love you” more and simply doing the right thing.  Your “Friend Within” guides you along that path.  It also works on your body without you even knowing it, innately communicating instructions to the body from the brain, conducting the orchestra of life to and through EVERY cell in your body.  It’s that mysterious thing that is present in a living being that leaves the moment one dies.  At that point, cells act independently of the body and starts the decomposition process.

If that Innate Intelligence (or your Friend Within) is disturbed, you actually begin the decomposition process WHILE you’re still alive.  That process leads to dysfunction and eventually disease.

The MOST important thing a chiropractor can do is to teach you about your “Friend Within” or Innate Intelligence and THEN adjust you to allow that mechanism to express itself as closely to 100% as possible. The better able you are to hear that “wee small voice within” and then act upon its instructions, the more powerful your life becomes.

The world needs for each of you to live as close to your God-given potential as possible.  When that happens, we become less prone to disease, strife and war.  We think higher thoughts and make better decisions.  Come join me on this journey toward your own greater good.  Let me introduce you to your “Friend Within”.

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On being God’s hands

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on November 25, 2008

Wow!  Now that’s a title that might need some explaining.  So, let’s go.  I know there might be some reading that just don’t believe in God or Creation.  And, that’s OK.  But, read on.  You might enjoy.

I’m always amazed at how people will pray for God to answer their prayers without giving much thought as to HOW God might actually DO what they’re asking.  Do they think they’ll ask and then “poof”, it’s magically done?  Honestly, I think that’s exactly what some people think.  But, could it really happen that way?  It could.  But, I doubt it.

If, in fact, you DO believe in God to the extent you pray for provision, healing or anything else that is physical in nature, you must also accept that there must be somemeans for those prayers to be answered.  If it’s money, doesn’t the money have to be in someone’s possession BEFORE it can be delviered to you?  Otherwise, how would it get to you?

If it’s healing, how is the healing delivered?  I DO believe in miraculous healings.  However, I think the biggest miracle of all is that people who pray for healing would actually LET it happen!  How many folks do you know who’ve prayed for God to heal them, then get upset because it didn’t happen instantly?  Or worse, they ask then don’t even change the behavior that made them sick in the first place!  OR, after trying everything THEY know to do, they refuse to consider any alternative that might be recommended.  In my case it’s chiropractic, a natural healing profession that honors God’s design for healing in the body.

It’s funny(in a sad, perverse way) that someone would pray to a God they CAN’T see, yet rely solely on those things they CAN see as the sole source of healing.  Yet, ALL healing is a natural process.  It takes time.  Whether you break a bone or have surgery, the process of getting back to normal is simply going to take a certain amount of time.  BUT the healing starts the INSTANT the impediment to healing is removed.

I know from years of experience that god designed your body to be self-healing and self-regulating.  As long as there’s no intereference in how your body should normally operate, you’ll be healthy and will heal from an injury or illness with little or no intervention.  My job as a chiropractor is simply to locate and remove (or reduce) a major source of stress on your body’s natural healing mechanism.   When I do my job, jour body functions closer to the way God designed it to do.

So, while God designed yu to be healthy and to heal from within, a physical intereference in His mechanism can only be removed physicaly.  That’s my job.  Whenever I adjust someone, I consider that I am God’s assistant in helping you experience health and life closer to His design.  I also consider it an awesome privilege and responsibility.  I hope your doctor (whatever he/she may practice) considers themself to be an instrument of God’s healing.  And, just know that the doctor is really inside you and that all we do is to set him free to do his job better.

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Fighting for the last breath…and the next.

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on February 8, 2008

A friend was talking with me about a relative on life support.  As we spoke, vivid memories of my own mother’s passing flooded my consciousness.

At the time, it was the worst thing I had ever experienced partly because I was the oldest sibling and ended up having to make the decision to take her off life support.  I can see it now as if I were right there in the moment all over again.  And, that’s been 30 years now.  If you’ve ever watched someone take their last breath, it’s something you’ll never forget.  She was unconscious, but she took the deepest breath I’d ever seen.  Held it for a moment.  Then, released it like a balloon with a small hole.  Eerie.

It wasn’t until I became a chiropractor that I realized that her body was fighting for ever single breath it could get.  Not as much trying to simply hold on.  No, it was fighting to live!  Even to the very end, my mother’s body was fighting for her to LIVE, not just to not die.

Once I realized that all living things are designed to function at their maximum potential at evry moment (EVEN at the cellular level) I began to see life and health in a very different way than before.  Knowing that our bodies literally strive for its best at every moment forces you to look at your own life and what you do in a much bigger way, too.

What would our lives, our community, our country, even the World be like if everyone strove to their highest potential instead of trying not to fail or concerning themselves with what someone else was doing?  How would your health be different if you simply focused on being the healthiest you you could be rather than simply avoiding disease or literally planning for it?  How great and healthy could you be if you invested more in good nutrition, a health club membership, a reasonable investment program, meaningful relationship and a strong mental, emotional and spiritual life?  I know too many people who spend all their money on insurance in the event the worst happens instead of planning for and investing in the best that can happen.

If I could urge you to do one thing, it would be to want the very best out of life.  Then, do everything in your power to achieve it.

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