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Chiropractor Offers Advice to MDs

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on September 5, 2007

Here’s some heartfelt advice for my medical counterparts.  Get to know some family or wellness oriented chiropractors in your area.  Try to understand what it is we do, how we do it and why.  Know that there is absolutely no conflict if your patient sees a chiropractor.  And know that we can help.

A recent study published in a major medical journal revealed that of those Americans that use “alternative and complementary” health care services (mostly chiropractors) less than half tell their medical doctors that they are doing so.  Think about that.  Most people I see as a chiropractor have already tried almost everything medicine has to offer and decide to try chiropractic as a last resort.  Most of those end up getting better.  That’s where things between medical practitioners and chiropractors seem to go wrong.

Chiropractic and medicine are mutually exclusive, separate and distinct.  One of the things I often encounter is someone telling me that their medical doctor told them that chiropractic is either unproven, unscientific, a cult or even worse, dangerous.  Or “It causes strokes,” “It’s not good for babies,” or “it can’t help your problem.”  When someone asks what you know about chiropractic, at least say you don’t know if you don’t.  Your credibility with them will instantly improve.  And, when I ask those patients what they think about what the MD had said, they say something like “I know it’s a competitive thing.  Doctors don’t want to lose the business.”  That’s sad because the patient usually ends up ignoring their doctor and doing what they feel is in their best interest anyway.

Most MDs I’ve met have little knowledge of chiropractic other than prejudices passed on by other medical doctors based on pure ignorance.  In a world of instant access to information, consumers are more knowledgeable and aware than ever before.  They know when they’re being given bad information.  And unfounded, prejudicial comments only detract from medicine’s already diminished stature.  MDs that seem to have the biggest problem with chiropractic are orthopedists, neurologists, pediatricians and obstetricians.  Oddly, these are the very specialties that would benefit most from a healthy relationship with chiropractors.

So, here’s my advice.  Find a chiropractor, or two, to whom you can refer.  Imagine the long-term benefits to your practice if you can help your patients live a healthier life without scaring them from doing what they feel they should or forcing them to hide information from you.  You would have a better relationship with your patients, possible referrals from chiropractors when their clients have a real medical need, and reduced risk for both your patients and yourself.

I admit that, as a chiropractor, I want to help as many people as I can be healthy without drugs and avoid surgery.  Isn’t that what every doctor should want for the people that rely on them for help and guidance?  Having said that, though, let me make it perfectly clear that I do not prescribe drugs, nor do I take people off drugs.

Dr. Tim LangleyI have compassion for medical doctors.  Commonly prescribed drugs are routinely taken off the market because of serious (and potentially lethal) side effects.  Consumer advocates routinely tout studies that show the practice of medicine is a leading cause of death along with cancer, heart disease and stroke.  Malpractice insurance rates make it virtually impossible to practice some specialties or at all in some areas of the country.  And, the possibility of being sued for an adverse patient outcome looms over every recommendation.

I encourage medical doctors to share the astonishing benefits of chiropractic with their patients.  If the comfort and care of their patients is not their first or only concern, doctors should re-evaluate their priorities immediately.

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