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Finding a Good Banker

Posted by Marietta chiropractor on May 7, 2013

A young chiropractor about to open his new practice asked me what to look for in finding a bank.  I think he expected a response about fees, locations and services.  And the truth is there is virtually NO DIFFERENCE in one bank over another.  The ONLY difference comes down to SERVICE and has little to do with services, location or any other factor.

As a former banker, I am dismayed at the lack of concern, ambivalence and even contempt for small business at almost every bank around, especially the larger national banks.

Personally, I prefer local commercial banks because of their ties to the community and the ability to develop a relationship with the bank President and senior staff.  I have always preferred top down business relationships.  Trickle down works a ton better than working up the pecking order.  When you know folks, you can get stuff done.

After that, a local credit union is probably your best bet. They won’t be as flexible as a local bank on almost any issue. But, they are cheaper and not as full of crap as the big banks. They also are not out networking in the community like commercial bankers. Local commercial bankers will be able to introduce you to CPAs, attorneys and other “leaders” in the community. That is leverage you can’t buy.

The very best way to find a banker is to walk into you local banks and introduce yourself to the President or Manager. Tell them what you do and offer to take them to lunch at some time in the near future.  One thing is for certain.  Bankers are lazy marketers.  The easier you make their job, the more you will be rewarded by that relationship.

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